You And I Are Only Dreaming And We’re Only Clouds

via Unsplash - Ryan Moreno
via Unsplash – Ryan Moreno

I had a dream
we were swimming in clouds
and I wake up by your side,
coffee on the nightstand
next to last night’s empty cans.

Clothes discarded,
my old lipstick on the floor
and your jacket hung,
because somehow
you still manage to surprise me.

Something about the light
streaming through the windows
seems to scream that there’s no time
and that’s just so you
isn’t it?

You were always the light.

I am a stranger
but you know me so well,
and I know the ins and outs of your every scar
as I trace my fingers over ink
as I kiss every inch.

I want it to last and I want it so bad
but we’re only dreaming
and we’re only clouds.

Walking on eggshells
your hands in my hair / my thoughts a mess
of stolen promises;
yesterday you were a climb
today you’re an avalanche
and I’m drowning
but I’m free.

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