For The Nights When You’re Drinking Alone

It’s been a long day. You’re tired and upset. You don’t have anybody, but you also don’t want anybody. It’s one of those nights where you need only yourself. Take control and make things better. After everything that’s happened, you deserve to relax. Breathe. Forget. You have a moment where you wonder if you’re doing the right thing, but it’s quickly overtaken by the bottle of vodka you’re reaching for.

You want something strong. Something that will handle your emotions and mood swings. It’s not a night for the faint of heart. You turn on some music. Make it loud. Make it drown out your thoughts and troubles. You let the good groove into your body. Find some ice. That first sip is actually heaven. There are no regrets. It’s everything you could possibly need. Sinking into a chair, you’re finally smiling.

The first glass soon vanishes. You want to be fancier this time, so you fetch the shaker. Watching the agave drip into your concoction is nothing short of mesmerizing. You feel powerful. Invigorated. The drink is bitter but still so sweet. Slowly, the rough edges of your day start to blur out. Your mind softens. You crave this freeness. This kind of comfort.

Sometimes the world is a lot. Drama lurks in weird corners. You deal with people you don’t like, and situations go haywire. Sometimes it’s a lot of bad and you can’t do anything about it. So really, take this moment that is so preciously yours. Just you and an ice cold drink. The chaos is gone for the night, and nothing will disturb you. Your shackles are broken, and everything is beautiful.

Dance around the apartment and dim the lights. Hear the ice clinking and be reminded that you conquered today. Things are better and happiness will always be yours to claim. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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