What Does It Mean To Miss Someone?

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I miss you.

Three simple words that have the power to convey some of our deepest emotions. Like gazing at a sophisticated picture. The more you look at it, the more you notice. The more you notice, the more you can imply. And that’s the beauty of it. Everyone will relate in a different way. It’s a mysterious emotion that envelopes our hearts. Coursing through us with a steady pulse and still, is as fleeting as the wind.

It’s a never-ending array of fading colors.

It’s seeing a stranger you used to know.

It’s an empty city at 3 a.m.

It’s knowing the warmth of another body.

It’s turning away when you meet their eyes.

It’s the possibilities that arise from a new endeavor.

It’s ignorance slightly mocking you.

It’s struggling for hope beyond your reach.

It’s a fondness that finds your tiny smile.

It’s staying up while your partner sleeps.

It’s sinking into an internal abyss.

It’s recognizing change as it slowly unfolds.

It’s staring at a ceiling you don’t recall.

It’s hiding away when the world is new.

It’s waiting for an answer that never comes.

It’s talking to someone you just can’t touch.

It’s losing your place in the midst of friends.

It’s a laugh that finally escapes from you.

It’s a story for which you have no words.

It’s looking back on the road you’ve walked.

It’s silence at its very best.

It’s proof of a breathing human soul.

It’s all of the above and then some more. From the subtleties that continue to paint your past. You find the glimmers that light your path. The memories you have are wistful and dear, but not without their hint of ache and tears. Inside our wonderfully complex minds, there’s company that we’ll always find. Everything we feel, anything we say… All in one: I miss you. TC mark

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