7 Reasons To Ditch The Floordrobe And Create A Capsule Closet

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Looking down at my floordrobe I decided I’d had enough. Somewhere between my Quarter-Life Crisis and non-stop traveling I had amassed several piles of thousands of dollars strewn on my bedroom floor in the form of clothing, all in varying states of cleanliness and wearability.

I had so many clothes that I could literally go for a month without washing and still have something fresh to put on. It was a huge First World Problem.

After reading about Courtney Carver’s 333 Project where she culled her wardrobe to just 33 items including apparel, shoes and accessories, putting seasonal clothes in storage for three months at a time. I took charge (and avoided several urges to just empty my entire room in to a dumpster). Anything that I deemed archaic, ill-fitting, or I’d never even worn hit the storage pile of which my roommates got first dibs.

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The 7 major benefits of creating a Capsule Wardrobe

  • Getting creative with your outfit choices. Having limited options makes you team your separates in ways you’d never considered. That $62 fluro beige lipstick collecting dust in the bottom of your make-up tray suddenly has a purpose to update an otherwise tedious ensemble (products aren’t counted in your 33 stash). Hooray!
  • Less laundry. Need I say more?
  • Rash purchases aren’t an option. I travel frequently and I’ll take just a handbag for an overnighter in a different state. And that’s how you end up with 10 grey sweatshirts. Heading down Route 33 forces you to be prepared which your credit card will thank you for.
  • Materialism is questioned. To quote Anthony Kiedis “give it away, give it away now’; greed is not good. We don’t live in The Hills. Let’s stop talking about how much stuff we own or will own. Just let it go.
  • Learning to repair versus replace. I’ve never worn something out to the death (other than a Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD in 9th grade). It’s a pretty shitty that ‘last season’ is a sound reason for clothes to hit the bin. Going to a tailor can be super pimp and cheap. And for those who’ve learnt to sew would agree it’s a very empowering skill.
  • It simplifies dressing. The agony of the “What ever will I wear?” is significantly reduced. The process of getting dolled up can still be enjoyed without that anxiety-inducing time vampiring debacle.
  • The art of guilt free shopping. That is, in your own wardrobe. Every three months you can turn over your 33 pieces for “new” items that you’ve put in storage. It’s an hour of OMG I FUCKING LOVE THIS TOP!!! Basically you realize that clothes and shopping aren’t so important, with the exception of delicious moments such as these. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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