Read This When You Can’t Let Go

Molly Belle
Molly Belle

It’s okay,

when you can’t let go.

You love them,

or at least it still feels like you do.

You feel the pressure to move on.

Maybe they’ve already found someone else,

so you think that maybe you should too.

It hurts.

Your friends tell you to get out there again,

so you feel like you need to.

Putting yourself out there,

isn’t it the best thing to do for yourself?

So you go out,

but you come home still thinking about them.

You cry.

Why can’t I do this?

Why do I still feel this way?

It’s okay,

it’s okay.

You’re allowed to feel this.

You’re allowed to feel all of it.

Let it all unravel,

feel it in your skin.

Because the thing is, you don’t have to let go right now.

You had something beautiful with this person,

no matter how long it lasted, or how it ended.

Take all the time you need,

and breathe deep.

Your heart will let go when it chooses to,

in it’s own timing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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