7 Things Girls Look For When Stalking Your Facebook Profile


We all do it. But, let’s be real, we mostly just wonder exactly how the other does it. Welcome to the ways of the girls, gentlemen. This is what we’re actually looking at once we’ve found you on Facebook. (The actual ‘finding’ is a much creepier process which will require a completely separate article.)

1. How active you are.

Do you post a status when something cool or funny happens to you, or do you post a status every time you feel the urge to share your opinions on “Why this Country is Bad’? (Let’s stick to the former for the sake of all Facebook users.)

2. Your photography skills.

Nothing serious, but it helps us to know that you hang out with enough humans that not every photographic documentation of your existence has to be a selfie. Make a friend. Take a picture with them.

3. How clean your wall is. 

Nope, I’m not talking about dust bunnies here, but if that’s also an issue for you, I’d get on that. Contrary to popular belief, we’d prefer you didn’t shower social media with profanities and proclamations of your support to unfounded movements such as “Why I Hate Feminists.”

4. How much you’re willing to be seen with your family. 

Let’s be honest, a girl loves a guy who loves his mom. If you’ve got a few pictures of you with your cute cousin, that’s only a plus.

5. Your “About” section. 

Some girls like to get creepily personal, but you could also consider this a compliment if you’re into that. She’ll want to know what town you live in, where you go to school, where you work. In case this girl sounds like a win to you, I’d keep your “About” section in mind.

6. Are your interests clear?

Being involved in an activity within a group reveals much more about you than a photo of your abs, no matter how nice they may be. Let your passions be known, because there’s someone out there stalking you, and you probably want her to continue.

7. Social media isn’t everything. 

We can only tell so much from your Facebook, so make sure you’re still being an active participant in humanity. We should see you at the surface, but be assured that there’s much more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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