6 Reasons Why Girls Love Being Single

Maksim Toome / (Shutterstock.com)
Maksim Toome / (Shutterstock.com)

1. On some level, the world really does revolve around us.

Not that anyone cares, but weโ€™re pretty important to ourselves, and appreciating everything we are as an individual is included in that. Deep down every girl wants to be able to proclaim โ€œI am enough!โ€ from the rooftops, and being single can be a good reminder of how one actually does that.

2. We want to know exactly who we are.

Itโ€™s not as emotional as it sounds, but thereโ€™s a difference between being recognized as a package deal rather than a singular entity. Once the image of the โ€œcuteโ€ and โ€œadorableโ€ couple is stripped away, your individual attributes are what stand out. Being known as the โ€œfunnyโ€ and โ€œsweetโ€ girl is a pretty valuable trade.

3. Friends galore. So many friends. We love friends.

Itโ€™s not just about the social life, but how much attention being single allows us to give to other relationships. Friendship and love go hand in hand just like a boyfriend would, and putting the work into those relationships can land you the support you may need in making it through more difficult times and sharing in the happier ones.

4. Freedom, sweet, sweet freedom.

Attachments can be comforting, but their absence is even more liberating. Being productive and doing things for yourself will benefit you the same way. We love putting the time in because everything we take away is just for us and not for anyone else. โ€œMeโ€ time is the best time.

5. So many pretty things to look at.

I mean, we donโ€™t immediately begin shopping for replacements. It just feels good to know that you have the option of catching someone elseโ€™s eye. We may not be ready to get back on the horse, but who says we canโ€™t window-shop? Perfect timing does exist, and weโ€™re willing to look around while we wait for it.

6. Seeing progress and taking a look at the future.

Relationships are so important we sometimes use them to section off different time periods in our lives. While single, we get to reflect on a recent past and understand that a future is yet to be born. Thinking about all of our possibilities and anticipating a happy future makes for happy single girls. TC mark


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