He Loved Her But He Didn’t Choose Her

 Teddy Kelley
Teddy Kelley

Their souls connected. Their love was strong and passionate. The kind neither of them had known before each other.

He professed his love for her and called her the love of his life. Knew to himself that he would never again find anybody like her. That there would only be one her in his lifetime and that his love for her was forever.

She felt no different. She had loved before but had not seen love so intense and passionate. She thought she had known what she wanted in love and relationships until he showed her and she couldn’t have wanted anything else or anything more. It seemed as if she had the say, but their future was never in her hands.

Despite the way each of them had felt, his circumstance in life dictated they could not be together. Or so he believed. That their worlds were too different and just could not meet. It was a risk he would not take, a path he would not dare.

And when faced with such crossroad, my question is, how do we decide which way to go? Do we muster the strength and courage to fight and follow our hearts? Or do we simply conform to the norm or the life we believe we are supposed or expected to live, thinking we weren’t given much of a choice? The worst is to allow our fear- fear of failure, fear of the unknown or fear of ending up with a broken heart, take over our life and our decisions that in that instant, we just watch our greatest chances pass us by.

Many times in this life we believe we don’t have a choice, but more often than not, we do. What we may truly lack is the courage or willingness to make that choice. And, that is what makes all the difference. That is what brings about amazing outcomes.

There are certain things in life that should never be sacrificed for anyone or any purpose- integrity, beliefs, values, principles, family, the very core of one’s self.

But maybe, if there were a single thing worth taking a chance or risk for in this life, just maybe, that would be love. The kind that is truly special. The kind unlike any other and you only find once in your lifetime. The kind that these two hearts had. That kind is worth fighting for, for it is only in love where true and real happiness could ever exist.

She had wanted him to give it a chance and take a risk for her. Never had she wished to see him carry the burden that went with going a certain direction, but it was a path she would have happily gone and held his hand with, if only he were willing to go that road for her.

And although she had a good sense of self-worth, she wished to feel from him that she was worth it. Much in the same way she believed him worth it when she opened her heart and put in out on the line for him.

Both of them had continued on their own and had chosen to be happy with as much as they could get.

But they would always feel connected. They would always keep each other close and very dearly in their hearts. They knew the significance of each other in their lives would always be incomparable. That the way they felt for one another would be unsurpassable and would remain forever. Their love, irreplaceable.

In her heart persisted a deep sense of longing, but she knew that if only for a brief moment in time they had together experienced the most wonderful and beautiful thing there is in this life, that still meant everything.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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