How To Make Her Feel Like She Is Loved

Look at her. Look at the way she smiles; watch her eyes as she tries her best not to drown you with fondness. Look at the way she walks; observe how she sometimes slouches when she’s shy and how high her head could get when she knows she’s right. Look at her laugh, how it sometimes turns into an unladylike guffaw and yet, make sure you love her anyway.

Sympathize. Understand that she’s not the best version of herself at times and often would she do her best to push you away. You must stay. See how grateful she would be when she sees your good morning message the day after.

Hold her. Hold her hands whenever you can. Feel the softness of them, the clamminess. Feel that you would never want to let go and make sure that the thought of her leaving scares you so damn much. Hold her when you sleep. Feel that no amount of blankets can provide you warmth like her sleeping body beside you can.

Fall in love with not just her wonders but also her quirks. See that these make her whole and that it even beautifies her. Accept the fact that she could not change them and just revel with the way she just is.

Make her happy. Do those things and watch her radiate and glow. See that she is beautiful and that anyone will be lucky to have her.

But if you can’t do these, then let her go. Know that she deserves someone who could be as bright and as beautiful as her.

Because everyone should feel like they have the right love. Everyone should know in their souls that what they have is something to hold on to. So if she stays and gives you another chance, make sure that you live up to your love — you must know that there are so many mediocre and second class things in this world, and the one thing that must never be that is love.

So love her with every molecule of your being. And watch her love you so much more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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