Seattle Is Having a Moment

I feel like Seattle is having a moment. Maybe I’m biased, because I was born/raised there, but I feel like it’s branching out from the Microsoft-Starbucks-Nirvana triad in the general public imagination. Despite now living in New York…

1. I can’t leave the house without hearing Macklemore, who I feel has achieved a sort of un-hateable, young-Will-Smith level of admiration.

2. I can’t read the newspaper without coming across someone supporting/suing/being bought by Amazon. It was featured on the cover of Fortune this summer, while Costco was named “Happiest Business on Earth” by Bloomberg Businessweek.

3. The bestseller Where’d You Go, Bernadette is one, big satire of the city and it’s about to be made into a big movie by people who made 500 Days of Summer and The Hunger Games. Author Maria Semple used to write for Arrested Development and other big things.

4. Postal Service just toured for the first time in forever. Pearl Jam is about to tour for the first time in…a pretty long time.

5. TV series The Killing presents a delightfully sinister skyline (a far cry from the twinkly lights of Grey’s Anatomy).

6. Sex-columnist-turned-activist Dan Savage kicks ass with the It Gets Better campaign.

7. Speaking of sexy people, Twilight and spinoff Fifty Shades of Grey. (Yeah I know, it’s in Forks. Close enough.)

8. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest transparently run privately-operated foundation in the world.

9. The American equivalent of George Alexander Louis is named North West. (I don’t get it either, but sure!)

10. Gay marriage. Legal marijuana. SubPop. Sounders. Northwest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Macklemore

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