10 Struggles All Neat Freaks Must Endure

Shutterstock / rangizzz
Shutterstock / rangizzz


The sooner you make your peace with the fact that most people (and you’ll be astounded by just how many!) around you consider cleanliness as an option to be indulged in during their spare time, the better for you.


Splattered oil on the kitchen counter or on the gas cannot be swiped away with a wet cloth. All that does is create an oil slick.


Unfortunately, only you are aware of the fact.


It’s quite possible that you’re an irritant at best and an outright menace at worst to the people you live with.


Sleep in an unkempt room does not come easy.


A casual tumble in the sack always has to be in your sack. Everyone in the situation is better off when you’re not thinking about what/who was in the bed before you or when the sheets last saw the inside of a washing machine.


You’ve mastered bladder control owing to the number of times you have had to hold it in and thus risked passing out from sheer discomfort than use a less than spanking clean bathroom.


Your roommate will never be as perturbed as you by the dishes piled high in the kitchen sink.


Chances are high that you will be the one wiping away the dry, crusted evidences of dinners from the microwave and ridding the fridge of food turned toxins.


There’s a distinct possibility that owning up to all the above you risk coming across as a snooty, uppity bitch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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