10 Glaring Signs You’re Obsessed With Chilli Peppers


I try to keep an open mind when it comes to trying foods from various world kitchens, to appreciate the ingredients and the nuances, but I have to confess; I am partial to foods that make use of chilli peppers, whether these heat parcels play a starring role or supporting.

If piccante holds sway over your taste buds, too you will identify with one or all of the below!

1. The recipe calls for two chillies, you promptly add four. Not de-seeded.

2. Chilli makes every food fabulous. Yes, even chocolate.

3. There is always a small bottle of a hot sauce in your bag, especially true when you are traveling.

4. …..Which you make use of when the food served falls into your category of bland, and after committing this tiny transgression against the chef, glance around furtively to ensure that nobody else has noticed.

5. The door of your fridge is a miniature version of the hot sauce section of your local supermarket.

6. You always ask for an extra serving / packet of the chilli condiment when ordering take out.

7. Bitter cold or rainy evenings have a way of directing your cravings towards only one path-hot, spicy bowl of anything!

8. Chilli flakes on cheese toast, pasta, pizza, scrambled eggs, poached eggs…chilli flakes on everything!

9. You love experimenting with hot peppers in your cooking. Chilli oil, chilli roasted, chilli pickled in vinegar…you get the drift.

10. Your top picks for eating out — Indian, Mexican, Spanish, Creole, Ethiopian, Sichuan, Hunan, Thai, Korean, Peruvian, Sri Lankan…(Feel free to insert any I might have missed.) Not necessarily in that order of preference. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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