12 Discoveries Every Unemployed 20-Something Makes When They Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

With all the hours stretching before you; you literally and figuratively have all the time to smell the coffee.

1. It’s a time of introspection and invention of self and so you get cracking…!

2. You are resolute that you are going to convert that hobby into a money churning enterprise, get cracking on that scintillating idea of yours ala Brandon Stanton…..only to find out that there is quite a slip twixt cup and lip. So many slips!

3. You develop budgeting skills you wish you possessed when you were an employed 20 something.

4. Gucci becomes unattainable, Zara is a luxury and Forever 21 is the compromise.

5. Here’s an Aesop’s Fable for Adults – Your credit card is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

6. Mc Donald’s is the new fine dining.

7. Hence, you are forced to let out the inner Nigella Lawson in you.

8. You know who your true friends are by the ones who buy food or drop in unannounced with that much needed bottle of wine. *just kidding*…then again maybe not!

9. Friday nights mean PJ party…..with yourself and Netflix.

10. …And therefore you possess an encyclopedic knowledge on every show airing/aired on television.

11. Between opening rejection mails and forwarding your CV to the next promising prospect you reach new levels of shameless desperation aka perseverance.

12. You temporarily consider moving back in with your parents to conserve whatever is left of your depleting bank account, think for another minute and discard that temporary thought permanently. Parental supervision was undesirable during adolescence and is unthinkable in adulthood.

And that last thought gets you cracking again…That and the steady disappearance of zeros in your latest bank statement! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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