World Peace Starts With A Little Bit Of Kindness

I don’t care if you’re the president of a country, CEO of a company, janitor, household helper, doctor, lawyer, street food vendor, waiter, etc. I will treat you with respect because you are a human being. You deserve to be respected in the right manner. You shouldn’t let other people step on you and disrespect you.

Some people think that they are better than others. They think that they are higher than other people because they have titles in their names. That doesn’t give you the permission to disrespect other people. Someone will always have a better aspect than you so who are you to treat someone in a bad manner? You shouldn’t be boastful. You shouldn’t belittle people.

That is the problem with our society nowadays. People always think that they are in competition with others. This kind of mentality is toxic for an individual. It makes you want to prove that you are better than other people. It makes you want to step on people.

We all have different kinds of possessions and lifestyles and that shouldn’t make us treat people differently. Everybody should be treated with respect. We shouldn’t be controlled by our possessions, money, and labels.

It always annoys me whenever I would see people belittling others. It makes me cringe that I want that person to change. I want to change humanity. I want to believe that there is still hope for equal treatment among people. I want a world filled with kindness. I hope that it would be easy for others to give and share without expecting anything in return. I want to believe that there is still kindness in everyone.

A person’s possession, lifestyle, title of their name or whatsoever does not amaze me. It is kindness in people that amazes me. Kindness is not hard to give. Kindness is not hard to do. I wonder why is it so hard for other people to be polite and respect others. That is one of the simplest forms of kindness.

How you treat other people defines you. It doesn’t matter who you are. If you know how to treat people in a kind manner then you will be successful in life. You may not notice it immediately but the people around you somehow shape you. It is how you respond to the way they treat you. There are times when it’s really hard to control our emotions but we shouldn’t let our anger affect our actions. We shouldn’t shout at people who would talk to us in a nice manner if we are angry. We should always try our best not to be hot-headed. It makes us do certain actions that we can’t reverse anymore and that we may regret.

Kindness is not something that should be measured. It is a trait that everyone should possess. I am hoping that more people would be open minded when it comes to helping out, being polite and respecting other people because by the end of each day we just live in one world. There should be world peace. World peace starts with random acts of kindness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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