Sex Isn’t Important In A Relationship, But Love Always Is

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala

Having sex with someone is easy but being in love with someone is hard.

Well, having sex with someone is still something serious. Casual sex and hook ups are evident nowadays. Wanting to have sex with someone you like is definitely a call of nature but that doesn’t mean that you love them. Someone could love a person wholeheartedly even if they won’t have sex with that person yet.

It sucks that some people just engage in relationships because they just want someone who would be constantly there for them whenever they need someone; most especially when they feel horny. That shouldn’t be how relationships work. You should be in a relationship because you are madly in love with the person who is your other half.

You could have sex with someone without investing any emotions in them. You could have sex with someone just because you feel horny. Loving a person is completely a different story.

Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone in an unexpected situation in the most unexpected time and you’d be like, “Hey, I think that that person is my soulmate.” You didn’t force the scenario. You didn’t force anything. That person is not the love of your life because you did not plan on meeting them. It’s not by choice. I guess it’s true that meeting someone who completely understands you is rare. It’s definitely hard to find once you try to find it. You shouldn’t find the right person for you because he or she will enter your life in the right time; in the time when they would definitely leave a mark in your heart and open it whenever you are scared to love again because maybe you came from a bad relationship or you were hurt.

Sex could be addictive. Sex could make you do certain acts which could ruin you but being in love is more addictive.

People tend to make their other half their world. That is wrong. People shouldn’t make the person they love their world. They should have their own established world. We should just make the person we love a very important part of it. Making a person your world would only ruin you. It’s possible that they may leave you anytime. Don’t let your world shatter just because of a person.

Sex is still something special and valued. It’s still better to have sex with someone you really love not just because of the security that they could give you afterwards but you could really say that you made love with someone special and not just with any person who just wants to play games with you. Sometimes having casual sex makes you feel empty afterwards. It makes you question if your “animal side” was just up for it or if you would want to have a deeper connection with the person you had casual sex with.

Being in love makes you change your ways. It makes you step out of your comfort zone. It makes you do certain acts that you don’t usually do. Having casual sex just ends there. After a few minutes of pure pleasure, it’s done. Being in love makes you feel certain feelings you don’t usually feel. Casual sex is sometimes mistaken as a basis for loving someone depending on how good they are in bed. I beg to disagree with that.

When you are in love with someone, it doesn’t really matter if they aren’t really that good in bed. What matters more to you is how they assure you that they will always be there for you whenever you need them without asking them to stay. They would always make you feel special and show you how much they care for you.

Being in love is what makes us human. It’s usually the foundation or the cause of our actions in life. We should know how to love more rather than being really good in bed. Once we grow old and we won’t be able to have that kind of desirable sex anymore, it would be a totally different story that could sadden us but when you are in love, no matter how old you are, you could still love a person in the same manner. It will never fade away no matter what you do as long as you opt to. By the end of the day, you are still the one who could control your emotions. Other people just affect you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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