Read This When You’re In Pain

We all experience pain. We just experience it in different kinds of situations. Our pain is changing us.

Nobody ever wants to experience pain. Pain is a part of life. We can’t live our lives without experiencing it.

We may feel hopeless at first. Well, we shouldn’t feel hopeless because at the end of each rain, there’s a rainbow. All pain and suffering would come to an end. We just need to be strong and believe that we’ll get through it.

Our pain is making us choose because it will give you two options: whether you should do what is right or do what is wrong. Doing what is right means that you are looking at the positive aspects of your pain no matter how few they may be. Having a positive outlook will make you stronger. Doing what is wrong is when you opt to ruin yourself instead with that kind of pain you are experiencing. Keep in mind that nothing is permanent in this world so please do know that there is an end to your pain.

You need to take time to breathe. Don’t make quick decisions. You just might hurt yourself more. Take time to meditate because seriously, it would help.

If the cause of your pain is a problem, then always try to find the solution to your problem. Figuring out on how you could solve your problem is better than doing nothing and continuing to make yourself feel miserable.

If the cause of your pain is a situation wherein there really isn’t a solution to it, then try your best to go with the flow. Try to play with the situation. It’s a game that you should be the winner; not the loser.

It’s okay to cry. Cry all you want. You’re human. You get hurt. That’s totally normal. Just make sure that after crying to help you ease the pain, you won’t cry for the same reasons again. Do what you are supposed to do not to feel that pain again.

Be thankful for your support group. They may not always experience exactly your pain but appreciate them for staying by your side and listening to your rants. Sometimes they may not totally help you out but being thankful for them won’t make you feel alone in the battle that you are facing.

Our pain is changing us because we’ll have new ideas, goals, aspirations, outlooks, etc. our pain is opening our eyes to some aspects wherein we are blinded.

Be thankful that you are experiencing that pain. It may be easy to say but hard to do. Be thankful because it’s teaching you lessons. Experience is definitely the best teacher.

Dear whoever is reading this, I want you to know that I may not know you or know what kind of pain you are experiencing but I just want to tell you that I believe that you are strong and you’ll get over that pain in the right time with the right timing. Never lose hope and do not totally depend on other people to help you out because you are your own savior. Good luck! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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