5 Things All People Who Are Always Hungry Can Relate To

You can’t deny it to other people and most especially to yourself… Eating is definitely one of your specialties and your favorite hobby.

1. You’re already eating and you are thinking of what your food will be for your next meal.

It is so hard not to think about food. It is like there is this certain part in your brain wherein food takes up a huge storage space in your thoughts. Thinking about food is a good thought.

2. The aroma of food is one of your favorite scents in the world.

When you’re at home or when you’re at a restaurant and you already smell the person cooking your food… You feel so excited to eat.

3. You love buffets.

It feels so awesome to fill up your plate for more than three rounds. Buffet sessions make you feel like you’re in heaven…. because heaven is a place on earth with food in front of you.

4. You don’t care about the calories and serving sizes stated in nutrition facts.

What calories… what serving sizes…? It’s a whole pizza. It’s a whole bag of chips. It’s a bottle of two liters of soda. It’s considered as one. I’m one person. So I’ll eat the whole thing because I am as one.

5. It hurts deep inside when the person you are with asks to have some of your food.

It’s not that you’re greedy… It’s just that you are so hungry that you don’t feel like sharing even to your loved ones because you feel like the food that you have is just enough to satisfy your cravings and hunger.

Food will always be your guilty pleasure. Food is a basic necessity, right? You will sometimes choose food over people. TC mark


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