10 Things All Girls Who Grew Up As Tom Boys Can Relate To

It’s quite a normal thing these days that… some of the girly ladies right now were once boyish or experienced a tomboy phase during the early stages of their lives.

1. You wore guy clothes.

It’s so comfortable wearing guy clothes. You could wear a men’s shirt, a pair of jeans and some sneakers then you’re good to go.

2. You had short boyish hair.

You find it uncomfortable to have long hair unlike those other girls. It feels so hot to have a long hair and it’s so hard and pricey to maintain it.

3. You had celebrity and real-life girl crushes.

You see a girl… then you think she’s hot. You see a hot lesbian or tomboy… then you would wish that they would make a move to talk to you or even notice you.

4. You thought that maybe being in a relationship with a girl is better than being in a relationship with a guy.

Some girls were already hurt by a guy… so they would opt to just be in a relationship with another girl instead because they think that another girl could totally understand them more than a guy because they have the same gender because she doesn’t want to get hurt anymore. Some really do just fall in love with another girl from the start.

5. You would always portray a male character during role plays at school.

Sometimes other people would choose you to portray male roles because you already look like a guy or simply because you would volunteer because you see yourself as a guy.

6. You hate wearing high heels.

You feel like your feet are being tortured whenever you would wear heels. You only wear high heels whenever it is badly needed for certain occasions and wearing flats is restricted.

7. You feel uncomfortable wearing dresses and skirts.

You feel so uncomfortable wearing dresses and skirts that you really need to wear shorts under them.

8. You have girly friends but most of your friends are boyish or tomboys too.

Of course, birds of the same feather flock together. They are the ones who could totally relate to you at all times.

9. Your hobbies and interests are for boys.

When you were young, instead of playing with Barbie dolls, you want to play with robots. You prefer playing with boys rather than girls because you’ll see that what they are busy with interests you more rather than those girly hobbies.

10. You love being called “one of the boys.”

Since you consider yourself as a boy, you love hanging out with your male friends even if you would be the only girl with them because you feel more comfortable with them and you feel that there’s less drama whenever you hang out with them.

Other people shouldn’t judge girls who are boyish, tomboys or lesbians because that’s who they want to be. It’s their life, not yours. They opt to live their lives the way they want to live it. If they aren’t harming other people or doing negative things to another person, then they should just live their lives freely because we are all born with the freedom of choosing who we want to be as individuals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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