10 Clutch Items Every Woman Should Keep In Her Purse


There’s one in every group of friends; the mother. The one who always seems to have exactly what you need, all packed in one deceivingly small, Mary Poppins-esque purse.

You, my friend, can be the mother of the group too with a little preparation. Next time you’re getting ready to head out for the day, throw these ten things in your purse to be prepared for whatever may come your way:

1. $10 Cash: As a generation, we never seem to carry cash. For times of emergency (yes, cash-only bars can count as an emergency), keep $10 cash in a separate pocket.

2. Gum: The one thing no one wants to share, but everyone asks for. We’ve all been both the begger and giver. If you believe in any sort of gum karma, toss a pack in your bag before you head out. And hey, if you’re feeling stingy you can always try the “last piece” line.

3. Advil – or any pain killer: Advil, Tylenol, you pick your poison. Whether you’re struggling the morning after, or lady nature decided to pop in for a visit, it’s nice to have instant relief on hand.

4. Tampon: Speaking of lady nature, you just never know. Even if you think you know, you don’t.

5. Hand Sanitizer: Think about where you’ve been before you eat; You grabbed the handle on the subway, held a grocery basket used by thousands, shaken at least ten hands… Purell is a good thing, people. Embrace it.

6. Hand Lotion: Save your hands in the winter months. No one likes peely palms.

7. A Snack: The snickers commercial says it best, “You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” I’m not saying you should carry a snickers around, but for times you need something to hold you over until the next meal, it’s nice to know you always have a handful of almonds or granola bar on hand. Bonus points for healthy snacks!

8. Headphones: Ever get to the gym and realize you don’t have your headphones? Been stuck sitting through a long train ride home in silence? You’ll thank me for this one.

9. Band Aids: Last weekend I called it an early night, not because I was tired, but because of a bad case of shoe-icide. Whether you’re breaking in new shoes or just  had a long day of walking, save your feet and your day (or night) by keeping some band-aids on hand.

10. Mini Deodorant or perfume: Does this one really need an explanation?

Got anything else you can’t live without? Leave a comment! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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