When They Decide They Can Live With You

Men are pretty honest about what they want from you- the thing is that you are probably not listening or only selectively listening to what you want to hear. If a man wants to be with you, he will let you know and tell you. If he does not want to be with you, he will tell you a reason why he ‘cannot’ be with you, and it is most likely that he does not see you as his girlfriend material or he is simply not ready.

A friend of mine told me that girls try to settle down when they think they have met the right guy, but guys try to settle down when they are ready.

Men aren’t all dumb, they know how rare it is to find someone who they can be completely genuine with. Men will have no problem meeting a hotter or a smarter girl than the girl before but, they will only meet a handful of those girls with whom they can be their true authentic self because the girl is also going to the truest version of herself around them. When they think they have met that girl in you, they will decide they can live with you.

For men, meeting someone with whom they can be themselves without feeling judged, without having to censor themselves and without worrying whether you will like them or not for who they are, is the most amazing feeling and that is when they decide they can live with you.

Men have to be physically attracted to you to begin with but, after that you need something more substantial to take its place. Men will know that they can live with you if they are also emotionally attracted towards you. If they can really open up, share their feelings and connect with you on a deeper level- they will decide that they can live with you.

Men may not be as selective as to who and how many people they sleep with, but they will always be selective about how many (or few) people they hold close to their hearts and want to keep in their lives. It is important that you are selective as well because it is also your decision to want to live with them.

Once you have decided who you may want to live with, you just have to remember a couple of things.

All couples fight in relationships and having some arguments is important for growth, but if you fight too much- it either means you are not compatible or one of you is very selfish. The strength of a relationship is determined by how the two of you fight and makeup after. Fighting isn’t fun but a sure way to learn more about a person because of the way they fight can tell a lot about them. If you know a fight won’t break you- you can both decide to live with each other.

If you have been on a vacation together when you spend every waking minute with each other and still see yourself having a life together- it is a great sign that deciding to live together is a good idea. You have adjusted to each other’s habits and despite not liking everything, you still want to be together.

You must talk about money before getting too serious because if both of you are not on the same financial page- how will you make any financial decisions together? It may not be the most romantic, but you have to decide how you will split the household expenses? Have joint accounts? Or if only one of you will financially provide for both of you? You must discuss this before you decide to live together.

Men get bored easily and so can you. Has the honeymoon phase passed, and you still want to be with the same person? Everyone comes to the moment when you can decide whether to meet someone more exciting or find the beauty in the strength of your stable relationship. It is a choice both of you have to make.

Men are a creature of habit. They may be used to life a certain way when they are on their own but adding another person to their life will be a big move and if they see their lives as better with you in it- they will have already decided that they can live with you.

As men, they will know that they will not like all your habits and that at times, you will fight, and accept that compromising will be a part of your lives. They will have to accept that it will not be easy and once they accept that- it will not be that hard for them to decide to live with you.

If a man has decided that having you in his life is worth all the sacrifices that he has to make, that he will willingly make- he has decided to live with you forever.

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