When You Fall In Love With Mr. Maybe Instead Of Mr. Right

50 Amazingly Sweet Ideas To Celebrate How Much You Love Her On National Girlfriends Day

1. Fill her apartment with her favorite snacks.

2. Fill your apartment with her favorite snacks.

3. Go to her yoga class with her.

4. Give her a spa day.

5. Do a marathon of her favorite movies.

6. Send her a hand-written letter.

7. Cook her her favorite meal.

8. Call her to say good morning before she starts her day.

9. Fix her a bath with her favorite candles, bath oils and fancy soaps.

10. Be her chauffeur for the day and drive her everywhere she wants to go.

11. Give her a foot (back, head whatever she wants) massage

12. Make her a playlist of her favorite songs.

13. Give her a piggyback ride.

14. Build her something (a coffee table, a frame anything).

15. Get a haircut, trim your beard.

16. Talk to her on the phone, not just text.

17. Dance with her (in public or at home).

18. Listen to her.

19. Tell her she is beautiful and mean it.

20. Hold her face, kiss her forehead and watch her melt.

21. Tuck her hair behind her ear.

22. Make a list of all the things you like about her and give it to her.

23. Share a nickname with her, only her.

24. Carry her bags.

25. Go to a place you both haven’t been before.

26. Bring her breakfast in bed.

27. Do the house chores (without her asking).

28. Brush her hair

29. Get her silk pillowcases.

30. Get her a gift card to her favorite store.

31. Light candles all over the house.

32. Buy her flowers. (Bonus: if they are her favorite flowers).

33. Pump gas in her car.

34. Bake her her favorite cake, pie, or buy her ice cream.

35. Go to the place where you had your first date.

36. Teach her something that you love to do (like play Mario Kart) or let her teach you something new.

37. Go on a picnic.

38. Let her pick your clothes.

39. Remember her important dates.

40. Be silly with her.

41. Buy her a pet.

42. Help her quit her bad habits.

43. Surprise her with a weekend getaway.

44. Show her your childhood photos.

45. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset together.

46. Go to an amusement park.

47. Get her an engraved bottle of wine.

48. Ask her what she would like to do.

49. Take her parents out to dinner and show her how important her family is to you.

50. Tell her you love her and mean it. TC mark

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