One Day You’ll Know That Letting You Go Broke My Heart

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You came as the light in my dark life. When I met you, I was not ready. You were not the kind of person I was looking for.

The first time we talked, you told me about your dreams, the places you wanted to go, the things you wanted to do. A dream that would make you move away. That is when I prayed for you and I prayed for myself.

You fascinated me with your goals because I had lost mine along the way. We hear about meeting the right person at the wrong time—is this what happened with us? Or did you always think I was wrong for you but the timing was right?

It is rare to find such comfort in someone’s company that you barely know, which I found in you. Maybe this is what people are looking for, this ease with someone without pretence. I was always so comfortable around you. I was always myself. You are my best friend.

There is something about you that made me let my guard down. It felt like I was meant to meet you. You were meant to come into my life to help me find my way out. You saved me.

In life I have met so many people. I have had so many encounters but there are very few that have left a mark in my heart like you did. You touched my life. You made me feel safe in a world where I had been scarred in the past.

When I was younger I thought I would connect with many people in life, but as I have gotten older I have realized that it is rare. I wonder if I will connect with someone as well as I connected with you. I wonder if I will find a friend and a partner in someone that I found in you.

I loved spending my days with you. I loved dreaming at nights with you. As time went by, we grew closer. Memories of you are more beautiful than reality with others. I kept trying not to feel but sometimes feelings have a mind of their own. I wish I had your logic.

That bright Sunday morning as we lay there looking at the sun’s rays creep in between the blinds while my head rested on your chest, I suddenly realized that I had fallen for you and I wished I could stop.

You had a dream before I met you. As the end approaches slowly, I thank you for staying in my life. I am grateful you gave me more happy days in a few months than I have had in years.

I want to hold on to you but I will never hold you back. I wish you well. I wish you happiness. I wish you luck. I know you never wanted to hurt me, but this will break my heart.

How is it possible to be so happy for you and sad for me at the same time? How am I smiling for you but crying for myself at the same moment? If only you could feel what I feel now.

People say I should let you go, but every moment with you is so precious. Is it selfish if I choose happiness now? Isn’t everything we do in life to be a little bit happier?

I know if something were to happen to me tomorrow, I would rather spend my day with you today because you matter. You make me want to be a better person.

I always knew you had to go. I will learn to be okay on my own because I know life goes on. I will let you go with grace and always carry love for you in my heart.

I hope one day you’ll know that right now you are my world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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