I Met You At The Right Time But I’m Not Sure That You’re Right For Me

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You came as the light in my dark life. When I met you, I was ready. When I met you, you were just the kind of person I was looking for.

I was so lucky. It was different this time compared to the others- I was different. Before I was never quite there yet- but the time when I met you; I was. The right time is when I am ready.

We hear about meeting the right person at the wrong time- in my case, I am not sure if I met the right person at the right time. We were not meant to be, we forced ourselves to be because of where we were in our lives. It was the right time for you because you were ready.

I wonder what it would have been like if I had picked up with one of the great loves of my past- the passion was there, but would I get the stability and commitment? I will never know.

You are a good person, you are kind. You treat me well; you try to provide me with everything a partner should.

You get me flowers. You remember all the important dates. My family and friends love you, and why wouldn’t they? You are exactly the person I wanted to be with on paper.

You take care of me. You protect me. I know you will be a great father to our children; you will be the best role model they can find.

The only sadness I feel is that something about this doesn’t feel right. Deep in my heart, you are not the one I was meant to be with. Maybe I lost that person during my thoughtless days when I thought I would connect with someone else better. I have no complaints about you-you are as good as it can get. It is my heart that I struggle with.

I will never leave you. I will never cheat. I have made a commitment to you and I will do my best to treat you with love and respect. I will always have a lot of love for you in my heart, but I don’t think you will ever be the one I fall in love with.

I hate to fail, I will not let us fail. Maybe this is what a mature relationship is- no drama, no pain- a simple life, which we wish for all the time. I have that now- then why do I still feel like something is missing?

Were we meant to be? Is this what God wanted? Am I unable to see the beauty and magic because I was so blinded by the chaos of instability in all my previous relationships that the one with you seems bland? Do I crave that volatile excitement in exchange for a secure you?

You have handled my every mood. You have supported my every goal. You have encouraged me to be my best self, and lifted me up when I was down. You are a gift. You remembered every detail about me.

I can see how much you love me- maybe I need time. Or do you struggle with this the way I do? When I met you, I was ready. I was ready to take the next step and I took it with you.

We met each other at the right time, but are we the right person for each other? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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