If You Had These 20 Things In 2016, You Have No Reason To Not Be Exceedingly Thankful


Grateful people are happier people. 

Grateful people focus on what they have in their lives, materialistic people focus on what they do NOT have in their lives. People who appreciate the little things in life, the types of people who are thankful for life’s little gifts, have better self-esteem and also live more satisfying lives.

We all have goals and dreams, and we all want so much more in life – but let’s take a moment to be grateful for all the wonderful things we had in our lives in 2016, because it makes you luckier than more than half of the world.

1. Your health.

Good health is what keeps you going; if you have not prioritized it yet, make it a point to focus on your well-being in this new year. Try to stay active, eat more nutritious food, sleep, and take care of yourself.

2. Close friends.

Spending time with your close friends makes you happier, healthier, and it reduces stress – who doesn’t want that?

3. Opportunities to volunteer.

Volunteering does not just help those individuals and the causes, but it also makes you happier, because you are doing something for others.

4. Family.

It means the world when your family has your back, and supports your wishes and dreams – because there are so many people who would kill to have a conversation with their families. Talking to your parents also reduces stress, plus they gave you life, and no one in the world will love you as much as your parents.

5. Vacation.

Planning a vacation and spending money on getting away makes people happier than buying something materialistic. If you were able to get away for even a day, you are among the fortunate bunch.

6. Alone time.

There is always so much happening in our lives that occasionally we need some alone time to just relax and recharge.

7. December 22nd. 

Because days are getting longer again.

8. Food on the table.

If you have food to eat, and have not had to go hungry for even a day – you are luckier than half of the world.

9. A bank account.

A little money in the bank makes you luckier than most people in the world too.

10. Freedom.

Being able to do what you want and live the way you want is priceless.

11. Education.

Grade school, high school, college. If you had the opportunity to go anywhere to learn, you are among the privileged group.

12. Home.

It could be your apartment, condo or house – as long as you have a place to call your home, you are golden.

13. Safety.

With everything happening in the world, if you are able to go to bed without wondering if you will wake up the next day and how you will make it through the day staying alive, you are truly blessed. 

14. Time.

You have time now. No one on this earth knows how much time they have left, and that is why the present should never be taken for granted.

15. Love.

Can you imagine what kind of place the world would be without love?

16. Your senses.

To be able to see the beauty of the world, to have the ability to listen to sounds, taste flavors, smell the flowers and feel the touch of a breeze or someone else’s touch is magical.

17. Your mind.

You have the ability to think, to make and recall memories, to try to find answers to your problems – it is better than many people can do.

18. Today.

You woke up today and you have the whole day to do and be whoever you want.

19. Life.

You have this one life – make it as amazing and magical as you possibly can.

20. YOU.

You have you; be grateful for who you are because you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Let’s continue to stay grateful in 2017, and years to come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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