The Rise And Fall Of The Sugar Baby: 15 Women On How Being A Sugar Baby Changed Their Life


Ask any girl if she would like to be pampered, showered with gifts, and treated like a princess, and her answer will rarely be ‘no.’ The idea is very tempting. If you are a young and beautiful girl, you can have the world at your feet if you know how to play your cards right… or so believed some of these hopefuls. But the world of being a sugar baby can be dangerous, lonely, and emotionally damaging. 

Here are stories from 15 women who experienced the good and the bad of being a sugar baby. All names have been changed.


“One morning I came home and I couldn’t scrub all the filth off my skin. It was like an invisible tattoo, which was a constant reminder of how I used my body to be able to afford a Chanel purse. Sometimes it takes one choice to sell your life away, and see your soul crumble.”

-Violet, 24


“Manipulation can take you so far, unless someone more manipulative beats you in your own game. I just wanted to be taken care of and there were plenty of men out there willing to do that, but for a price. What started as innocent dinner dates ended up being more, and I got more than what I bargained for.”

-Rose, 27


“Robert was supposedly an entrepreneur with money to burn. We met for weekly dinners, and I got $600 per date. I only had to be his available plaything as needed; overnights hiked up the allowance to $2000. One designer bag for one weekend.”

-Lily, 29


“Before I entered the world of sugar and spice, I was a driven college graduate with an entry level job, and more respect for myself.  My friend told me with my looks, I could make easy money, and men would literally pay to go out with me. Like most girls, I thought nothing wrong of some dates with a rich man. I loved the presents and the attention, but not how I felt the morning after my date night.”

-Savannah, 25


“Since last month, I quit the life of sugar baby and started working as a server. I have the scars from the 10 weeks and they still give me nightmares. I am still unsure how I went that far; I did not think I would ever be that type of girl.”

-Sarah, 22


“Every heartbreak affected my self esteem so I decided to become a sugar baby.  What I wanted more than money was love and attention, but I got cash and vacations. I entered the world to be treated like a lady, but ended up feeling dirtier than I could ever imagine. No man will shower a girl with presents without expecting anything in return – but they say it is not prostitution.”

-Madison, 24


“The world is filled with sick, twisted people. They call it an arrangement made between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby. It is plain business, with the transaction of favors you are willing to do for what their money can buy.”

-Zoe, 19


“I met a 54-year-old, John, who cooked me dinner and served expensive wine while discussing Nietzsche. I was a couple of years younger than John’s daughter. He paid me $500 a date. I had what he wanted, and he was ready to pay.”

-Elsie, 21


“I met David, 28, a rich restaurant owner who asked me out to dinner and then to go back to his place. It was $500 for dinner and $5,000 for other activities, he said. When I declined the latter part of the date, he offered me $1,000 for just a date, and said he had respect for my ‘kind.’ He said he was looking for a relationship, and a wife.”

-Olivia, 24


“I thought Nick was sweet, and I felt we clicked. He was polite enough to ask to kiss me and I said yes. As we kissed I imagined a life with him, then he offered to pay me more than my usual rate to go home with him. It crushed more than just my dreams. I had never felt that cheap in my life before, I experienced what it was like to be a whore. But I don’t blame him for asking, I knew what I was getting into, but with wishful unrealistic thinking.”

-Angela, 27


“The relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is very clear and obvious. The rich men are there to pay for what the sugar baby can provide, and if a girl thinks it will be different, she is being delusional. I had one date and that is the last time I will ever date for money. ”

-Jennifer, 28


“I had my reasons for testing the waters in the world of sugary treats, but I got more than what I bargained for: it was not all nice. What may seem like fun in the beginning comes with a high price because most sugar babies lose their innocence and their faith in men and love after one transaction. I know I did.”

-Nicole, 24


“Sometimes a girl just wants some attention, she wants a bit of the glamorous life. But it’s nothing like it is on television and movies. It is dark and it is sinister. It exposes you to a side of men you never want to see. It makes you do things you never thought possible. It makes you someone you cannot recognize anymore.”

-Katie, 28


“Just ask yourself, can you live with yourself for what you have to give up for the monetary exchange? It did not seem like it from the stories I had heard, but could be different for others. Personally I can’t live with that guilt.”

-Emily, 23


“I never thought it was possible to be ashamed of myself, but I proved myself wrong when I decided to take money for a date. And I knew damn well what I was getting myself into. There is no coming back once you have crossed that line.” 

-Alyssa, 22

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