The Generation That Loves Itself Too Much

Jake Stimpson
Jake Stimpson

We are millenials, members of Gen Y. We are made to feel special from the time we are born. We’ve been made to feel like we should be given a prize for just existing. We’ve always thought we were special because that is how we have been treated all along. 

This is the age of entitlement, where we feel we can have anything we want without regrets because we deserve it. We live in the age of narcissism, where we love ourselves and we are not afraid to the show the world. Just look at the number of selfies in any social media platform. Modesty is a thing of the past, and being shallow is completely acceptable.

We feel the need to tell the world what we are feeling and what we just ate, like anyone else even cares.

We calculate our self worth based on the number of likes, comments and followers we have. Heck, we can even buy our followers so we can ‘look’ popular.

It looks like we have entered the twilight zone of high school that never ends.

There is a sense of numbness towards the world, where we do not care about how others feel or how others think; it is all about us. This is our world and it is ours to make ourselves who we want. People take pride in their selfishness and are indifferent to others, because it is all about us.

We choose not to feel, and measure our strength by our ability to stay detached because any kind of feeling can be perceived as a weakness. We don’t like to deal with others unless there is something in it for us.

Our generation has started to feel nothing, or chosen to not feel anything. This creates a huge void in everyone and we fill it with the latest in technology, fashion and any other thing that is trending.

We have no sense of control; we have no sense of moderation. We want what we want and we want it now. Instant gratification is the way of life. It is rare to savor the moment anymore.

Our appetite is insatiable and we have taken it to an extreme. Nothing is ever enough and nothing is ever good enough, there is always more and something better out there, maybe just a click away.

Look at the world of dating, people are disposable. With one swipe, we are on to the next person. No one has the time to invest in one individual when there are many options out there.

Friends are replaceable, mostly made along the way to get a step closer to where we want to get in life without feeling any obligations because hey, to each his own.

Manipulation is an art form in a league of its own; very few master it but those who do, master it too well.

Everything and anything we do, we do for us.

When did life change so much? When did we stop caring about others? When did it just become all about us?

Sometimes I close my eyes and wish this was just a dream but then I wake up, and I am living this nightmare thinking I am not like everyone else, but I know I have changed too.

People may think that feeling pain or hurt may be the worst feeling in the world, but I think the worst feeling is not being able to feel anything.  I don’t want to stop feeling, I want to feel the highs and lows of every emotion and feeling there is.

Let’s see how long I can do that. But first I’m going to take a selfie and tell the world how pensive I am feeling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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