She Deserves Someone Better

Linas Vaitonis
Linas Vaitonis

No matter how hard it might be to believe, I actually want happiness for you. Because no matter how much you hurt me, you also gave me so much love. I believe that everyone deserves happiness and love in life.

When I saw that you had found a new girl, I wasn’t sad. I did not feel jealous or angry. It didn’t sting my heart like I thought it would. I actually smiled to myself and hoped that this would finally be the girl whom you changed for. The girl who you would truly stay loyal to, who you would love with all of you heart.

I actually believed in you this time. I was rooting for you.

But as always, it did not take long until you proved me wrong. Until you disappointed, and turned back to your old patterns. You started texting me again, asking for photos and words you shouldn’t want from anyone else but your girlfriend. And I am sure I wasn’t the only girl receiving those texts.

But this time it wasn’t me who you disappoint or hurt anymore. I am no longer the person sitting on the other side of things. She is the one who deserve someone better. She is the one you should fight for with all of your body, the one who should mean the world to you.

So why don’t you?

After all of these years and relationships of lying, cheating and manipulation, why don’t you ever stop? How can you keep hurting the ones you love in that way?

Deep inside I think you know that what you are doing is wrong. No matter what, I still believe there is something good deep inside of you. But somehow you choose not to show it, to listen to your inner devil instead of your sweet innocent angel voice.

I am never going to tell you how to live your life, and I am not going to interfere with your relationship. But as your ex-lover and friend, it pains me to see you act this way. I keep rooting for you and you keep letting me down.

You have a girl who loves with all of her heart, who is lovelier than most. She sees only the good in you, and has no idea that you have an inner devil. She deserves someone better and you know it. Please realise that you can be that person, if you only stop being the worst version of yourself. And if you can not do that, you should not keep being in a relationship. You need to stop hurting the people around you, and I think you know it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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