7 Ways You Can Keep Yourself Sane During A 24-Hour Flight

Flickr / ahmad kanaan
Flickr / ahmad kanaan
  1. Don’t look at how long you have to go! It will honestly drive you mental. I hate it when you feel like you have been flying for a solid six hours, and then you see how far you have to go and it says you have only travelled an hour so far.
  2. Have things packed to do. Don’t turn up on the plane with nothing to do. If you don’t have entertainment it is going to be very, very boring. Have a book, notebook or tablet handy that you can use to keep your mind off things.
  3. Get up and walk around. The worst thing you can do is just sit in your seat for the whole trip so go for little walks around the aeroplane and explore. It is even cooler when your plane has an upstairs, it’s like another world!
  4. If worst comes to worst, start drinking…a lot. If you really can’t handle the flight then knock yourself out with alcohol. I’m sure that’s what the doctor would have prescribed anyway. Keep hydrated to avoid the headache of a hangover!
  5. Talk to people. I know sometimes you just really can’t be bothered to strike up conversation with the person next to you but why not? You’re only going to see them once in your life. Make the time go quicker by talking to your neighbour. I always think every person I talk to I learn something from, so it can only do yourself good.
  6. I understand some people just cannot sleep on planes, but there is always something that can help you with that. If you don’t get even a nap in then you’re going to regret it when you arrive to your destination.
  7. Bring something to refresh you. I love having either some wet wipes or face wash so I can refresh myself from the stinky flight. If I can’t shower then I need something that’s similar! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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