People Will Only Love You When It’s Easy To Love You And 9 Other Things You Need To Accept Now Before It’s Too Late

Why You Should Absolutely NOT Change When People Say You Care ‘Too Much’

“You get in your feelings too deep.”

“You care too much. You feel too much.”   “You love too easy.”

“You get attached too easy.”  “You’re too much.”

I’ve heard it all before.  Though statements like those used to bring with them feelings of failure or shame, I’m learning to take a different stand when I hear them now.

Instead of feeling like there is something wrong with me for feeling emotions too deeply, I’m choosing to embrace them as a unique characteristic. The ability to feel emotions deeply, all the way to my core, is a gift, not a curse. It’s a gift I’m thankful for though it makes some people uncomfortable. Their reaction is on them, a reflection of their circumstances, not mine.

I shouldn’t feel less than normal for being able to connect on an emotional level with souls I haven’t know for a long time. What does time have to do with emotional connections anyway?

I will continue to feel every feeling, every deep emotion, and every connection I make with every ounce of truth in me. Not only will I feel them, I will embrace them and cherish them because I now realize that not everyone has the ability to do just that.

I will continue to make friends of beings that are not human, help animals that need me, and express every genuine emotion I have with those I come in contact with because I don’t believe in coincidence. Every encounter I have with everyone and everything is purposeful and necessary for my growth. I won’t suppress my thoughts or emotions because they make another uncomfortable. I will continue to love with all I have regardless of how it is received or returned.

I will always love too much, feel too deep, and connect with souls I’ve just met on a deeper level. I refuse to change that or even feel a little bit bad about it. It’s one of my gifts and I consider it to be a blessing in all I do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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