This Is The Power Of Accepting

woman standing near a fence
Tanja Heffner / Unsplash

There is power in accepting. There is a power in accepting that resonates more like a superpower because of the freedom it allows me. When I accept something, I take away its power over me. I take away its ability to control my feelings, my moods and especially my decisions. In taking away that power from the object, I in turn actually give it to myself.

Acceptance is a life-changing concept. Accepting is being in a state of nonresistance with whatever we have been fighting with both consciously and subconsciously. Accepting isn’t giving up, but it is a form of winning without continuing to fight life. Think about someone fighting the current in a water body. Eventually, the person runs out of energy and has to quit struggling, sometimes it’s too late. In accepting, I release the struggle and float, therefore saving myself.

To continue to fight life only ensures our unhappiness. If there is something that is eating away at me, something I can’t change, something that has happened that is causing me grief after the fact. The simplest way to move past that event is to accept it completely and totally. Acceptance is a tool that empowers me, and I love feeling empowered.

So, my best advice for myself is this: quit fighting it, quit resisting. Relax and chill out, like in the water if you can’t swim. Quit fighting and just relax. Quit struggling, quit trying to force things. Relax. Chill. My job is to chill. The laws of nature will do their work and I will be moved to shallow waters where I can touch and I can move my physical body out of the water. The same principle, quit fighting it emotionally and relax. I fill my days with things I love and deep appreciation for what I have. I am kind to myself. When that negative thought enters my mind, immediately counter that thought with a positive one, one of appreciation and gratitude. I think of my sweet puppy or my children. I think of things I want to do and places I dream of going.

I shift my thoughts to positive things and I focus on that for a while, a few minutes or longer.  I know that I will feel lighter and happier before I even realize it. TC mark

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