This Is Me Finally Choosing To Forgive Myself

woman posing for photo near sea during daytime
Caique Silva / Unsplash

I am choosing to forgive myself for letting someone convince me my work wasn’t good enough, not trusting myself.

For measuring myself against the success or failures of others For letting anyone cause me to doubt my gifts.

For loving people who didn’t deserve my love and not loving those that do.

For feeling too deeply and sometimes not feeling at all.

For the peace I have when the rest of the world thinks I should feel shame.

For not loving myself and letting another person influence my opinion of myself.

For listening to those whose opinions should not matter at all and for considering their words as true when they were lies.

For not honoring my voice as the voice of truth and reason and not valuing myself.

For not following my heart when I was scared and not chasing my dreams when I really wanted to.

For living in fear when I deserve to be living in joy.

For sometimes wanting to hide, quit, and give up.

For judging others and myself for not measuring up to society’s standards.

For allowing those standards to be my own.

For not being happy enough, even though I have no reason not to be.

For not placing a high enough value on my worth.

For listening to the opinions of others rather than listening to my own voice.

But I will listen. From now on, I will. I will listen to myself now, because the price of not listening is too high. Not listening to my truth got me lost.

I will wrap myself in the arms of compassion. I will encourage myself on the hard days. I’ll quit treating myself like someone I don’t even like.

I forgive myself. I will be still and listen to the words of forgiveness I offer to myself. TC mark

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