A Promise Of Acceptance

woman with sunglasses sitting on mountain during daytime
Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash

I accept the love and the pain, the risk that I’m taking each time I begin to care about someone. Although it’s a substantial risk, the reward is greater still.

The sunshine and the rain, the knowing that the sunshine always follows the rain. I know that no storm will last forever. Life is an ebb and flow, a rhythm, a cycle.

I accept the good and the bad because without the bad, how would I ever measure just how good the good is?  How could I appreciate the sweetness of those magical moments when the stars are aligned and the whole world conspires to make my dreams come true?

I accept it all and I allow myself to feel peace because it takes it all to create a balanced existence.  I am learning to let it be, let life unfold as a flower blooms.

I forgive what needs to be forgiven within myself and others. I also realize that forgiveness comes in waves and needs to be repeated many times.

I release resistance to things I cannot change. I lay down the oars of the boat and lean back to appreciate beauty of the stars as I float down the river in a silver canoe.

I feel love and gratitude for all that is right. I marvel at my blessings and relish in the beautiful world I get to live in.

I accept that I am not perfect, but that I am the creator of my beautiful life.  I accept that I have the power to decide what happens next, what gets to stay, and what has to go. I am the author of this story and I can change it at any time.  I can edit and rewrite my ending as many times as I choose.

It is my choice and I accept the responsibility

And so it is, amen TC mark

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