Why Do Writers Write About The People Who Hurt Them?

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It 4:47 AM EST and I’m sitting here, writing about you. Contemplating on what we have been through. Why am I sitting here? Out all the things I could be doing right now, why am I sitting here? I could be sleeping, eating or listening to music. But I choose to sit on my laptop and write about the person who hurt me. It’s insanity.

As writers, we express ourselves by writing our thoughts. When we write about a person who hurt us, aren’t we thinking about them more? Take a moment and think about what the person who hurt you is doing at the moment.

There probably sleeping, partying or playing games. They do not care about what they did to you. If they did they would come speak to you and gave you the closure that you need. Did that person do that? I do not think so because then you would not be so hurt by what that person did to you and you would not be writing about it.

Why write about a person who hurt you? When you can write about the way you overcame that hurt. You can inspire others. You can write about your heartbreak story and share your experience with others.

What really bothers me is the fact that people who hurt others do not realize the damage they have done! They hurt you making you feel like you are nothing and worthless. If only they made you feel like you were something then you would be writing about the positive things and the good things in life, not the hurt you are going through.

By thinking about the person who hurt you, you are digging yourself a bigger hole and drowning yourself in it. Have you ever read something and begin to cry because it reminds you of someone who hurt you and the pain it had caused you. Every time you will see that piece of writing you may drown yourself in tears, which kind of sucks.

The only time I recommend you write about your hurt feelings is when it helps you emotionally. It makes you feel better and you feel good sharing your thoughts. If it is making you feel more upset or making you think about the person more, then do not cause yourself the extra pain.

I will not lie I have written about people who have hurt me unfortunately. At times, it made me think about them more and other times it has made me feel better.

Remember to keep writing and to keep it to the point it does not hurt you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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