10 Things You Deserve To Give Yourself Credit For In Your 20s

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1. For never giving up even if your body wants to surrender. 

You pull yourself out of the bed. You brush your teeth. You show up to where you’re supposed to be. Those might not be enough efforts to measure success, but those are enough proofs that you’re trying. That even though it’s hard to face the world sometimes, you’re still pushing yourself to do something worthy for the day. You ignore the pain. You fight against your resisting thoughts. You silence all the worries that cloud your judgment. You’re trying and hoping to make just a tiny difference in your life. And that’s one thing to be proud of.

2. For always finding a reason to love your job. 

Whatever you’re doing in life right now, if you pay close attention to all the good things that are happening in your surroundings, you will never feel lost and confused. No job is perfect. There’s always pros and cons. It’s a matter of perspective. It’s how you choose to see your situation, accept it, and eventually fall in love with it. When you like what you’re doing, and you believe the people that you work closely with, you will be wholeheartedly willing to stick around. To pledge your loyalty.

3. For believing that your life is going to be better.

Your 20s isn’t going to be fun. Whoever told you that it should be about being wild and carefree clearly didn’t care about their future. This is the decade of your life when you figure out who you really want to become and where do you see yourself going. It’s a crucial part of your life. It’s going to be scary and rough and often times disappointing, but it gets better in time. And it gets better because you learn to be smarter and wiser. You learn from your shitty mistakes. You discipline yourself. And you become more careful in everything that you do.

4. For trusting the vibe you’re getting in certain situations. 

Your intuition will tell you when something is right and not right in every situation that you encounter. And you deserve to give yourself credit for trusting the energy that you’re getting around people you don’t know that much. Your center will never lie to you. Because one of its main jobs is to protect you. It only wants to drive you away from danger. And you have to continue listening to it whenever you’re in doubt.

5. For quickly healing yourself when your heart breaks. 

You are going to get heartbroken a lot in your 20s. You are going to waste your time convincing one person to love you back. You are going to long and mourn for someone who’s still breathing. You are going to gently entrust your heart to someone who will end up dropping it. But you keep moving on and starting all over again. The brokenness inside of you doesn’t stop healing because you allow your aches to be freed. You allow yourself to bloom.

6. For trying to put yourself together. 

Your life won’t probably be like a curated Instagram account, but you’re doing your best to at least make every aspect of your life fall into the right place. Because it’s peaceful that way. You feel calm building a universe you can be emotionally safe and comfortable. You’re prioritizing your growth. You’re opening yourself to new possibilities. You’re embracing the unknown and all the beautiful things that can happen to you out there.

7. For taking good care of yourself. 

Recognizing that pure happiness doesn’t come from external factors, but from within, is a thing that you’re doing just right. A lot of people throw so much of their love to others that they tend to forget to leave some for themselves. But you don’t. You are smart enough to know that it’s important to take good care of yourself first before you find another human being whom you’re going to share your whole self with. It’s easier to convince people to like you when you love the person that is existing inside of you.

8. For learning how to stop loving someone. 

When someone thrusts their sword in your heart, you watch the blood pour for a while, then you pull yourself away and start mending the pain. In a way, you still respect the people who can’t love you the way you want them to. Because nothing is ever too personal to you. If someone opens their eyes one day and changes their mind about you, you accept that. Seeing the relationship you have built with a person fall apart is going to suck for a hot second, but you carry on anyway. You switch the button and turn off your feelings for them. That’s just how life works.

9. For living a truthful life. 

Where you are now is the result of all the decisions that you made. Nobody gets to manipulate you and mold you to become a version of yourself that you don’t want. Everyone deserves freedom. All of us should always feel like we have a choice. And you strongly believe that. You believe every door that is being presented to you has immense opportunities behind it. No matter where the road takes you, and no matter what happens, something beautiful will always show up in front of you. With all the strengths that you have, you are certainly going somewhere. So you never hesitate to live the life that is true to you.

10. For still existing. 

You are here. You are breathing. Today you get another chance to see the world. And if you think about it, that’s a huge thing to be thankful for. Not every day is going to be life-changing. A lot of times it will look almost the same, nothing spectacular. But the moment you realize that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, you will stop taking each minute of your life for granted. The fact that you get out of your bed, brush your teeth, and show up to where you’re supposed to be is enough proof to show the world how grateful you are to have lived another morning. TC mark

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