I’m Slowly Learning That Love Shouldn’t Be Hard To Define

Katarzyna Grabowska / Unsplash

I’m slowly learning that love shouldn’t confuse you. It shouldn’t leave you frowning and questioning as you end up your call with your significant other. You shouldn’t have to look back on everything that you said and wonder if there was a word or a sentence that you should take back. You shouldn’t worry about whether you’re doing what they like. You really shouldn’t have to think hard about how they’re going to like you.

I’m slowly learning that even though love isn’t easy, it shouldn’t be a difficult puzzle to solve. Love shouldn’t be a complete mystery. You don’t have to second guess the feelings that you’re giving. You don’t have to stay up late doubting yourself. You don’t have to look at the person you love and feel so unsure and insecure. You don’t have to hold your breath every time you ask them an important question.

I’m slowly learning that love shouldn’t scare you. If it’s the one that’s meant to last a lifetime, it shouldn’t give you stress. It shouldn’t be the reason why you’re always at the edge of your seat, nervous and panicked. You’re not supposed to be constantly crying because of it. If it’s a genuine love, you don’t have to feel like you’re not enough to be deserving of it.

I’m slowly learning that you shouldn’t have to ask someone to return the love you’re giving them. You don’t have to beg for their affections. You don’t have to demand for their time. Because if you are really important to them, they will clear their schedules for you. They will make you a priority. They will not make you wait.

I’m slowly learning that if someone loves you, they will show you. There will be no signs you have to look for. There will be no conditions you have to fulfill before you get it. Love will be given to you openly, wholeheartedly. You really don’t have to ask for it or wait for a hundred of days to earn it. Love will be there from the very beginning.

I’m slowly learning that while it’s true that relationships are challenging, it should be overall easy. Yes, there will be fights and arguments from time to time, but those misunderstandings shouldn’t last long. Love should overrule. Love should be the reason why two people try to repair what has been broken. Love should easily fix everything.

I’m slowly learning that love is supposed to make your life better. It’s supposed to shine light in your way. It’s supposed to lead you to the right path, to guide you, to help you achieve what you like in this world. The person you’re in a relationship with should inspire you and bring you to beautiful places. The days that you spend with them should be memorable, should be worth-it.

I’m slowly learning that love should be obvious. You don’t have to read between the lines. You don’t have to search for it in every word that comes out of their lips, in every gesture that they do, in every look that they throw in your direction. Love doesn’t come in a box full of locks. Love comes in a see-through glass and all you have to do is reach it with your hands.

I’m slowly learning that some people do spend a lot of time looking for love. Sometimes they risk everything that they have all because of it. And while we all have different opinions about how much dedication and energy we should be giving in pursuit of it, in the end love is love and there’s no right or wrong way to chase it. If someone thinks it’s what ultimately makes them happy, then we can only respect them about their perspective.

I’m slowly learning that love is loud. It shouldn’t be kept as a secret. People shouldn’t love each other behind the dark. People should be proud of this beautiful thing that changes the world. I’m learning that the person who really loves you will fight for you. They will do what it takes to show how much you mean to them. And they’ll never be ashamed of you. They’ll never hesitate to show everyone how big their love is for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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