10 Things Worth Pursuing In Your 20s Besides A Relationship

Brooke Davis

1. Self-care

I’ve seen a lot of people gave their entire hearts to somebody else without thinking. They dedicated every last piece of them until there was nothing left in their souls. So when their relationships didn’t work out, they got lost and took a long time to stand back up. I don’t want you and me to make this same mistake. Love is great. It’s inspiring and beautiful and ridiculously crazy. But it’s not the only thing that can provide us happiness. Taking care of ourselves is the first step in achieving happiness. We teach people how to treat us by showing them how much we love ourselves.

2. Knowledge

One of the most exciting things about life is the fact that learning is endless. There are so many things to know in this world. I understand that constantly searching and learning new information is yawn-worthy for some kids in our generation. But it’s okay if you choose not to be like them. Being smart is cool. And you should never be ashamed of it! Your ideas can make a huge difference. You have no clue how much the world needs someone who is curious and talented and skillful like you.

3. Memories

Our brain won’t be able to carry all the thoughts and emotions and experiences that we had. That’s why it’s important to preserve them. Simple things like journaling or taking pictures or recording voice memos can help you keep memories you want to remember one day. These are the things that you will cling to when life gets bad. These will all serve as reminders to you that life is still worth living. That you’re strong and resilient and capable.

4. Hobbies

The way I see it, hobbies are the ones that you love to work on even when people don’t pay you to do them. Why is this important, you ask? It’s because your hobbies are proof that, as a human being, you can still do something nice without expecting to get financial rewards in return. Your hobbies make you passionate and authentic. They feed your soul. They give extra spice to your life.

5. Career

What a surprise, right? If you’re not into relationship type of thing, then you have most likely pledged your time and attention to your career. But this is all good. You have made the right decision. You are doing something great for yourself. People might not have loved you back before, but your career will! With enough efforts and dedication, it will give you what you deserve. It will not betray you. It will never let you down.

6. Trustworthy people

Thank goodness for the technology. Because nowadays, you can somehow find people you can trust on the other side of the world. That statement may sound weird, but it’s possible. You can have emotional connections with people on the internet. You can meet people who understand you better outside of your country in few clicks. Of course, caution is still necessary when talking to strangers. But with the world that we’re living in right now, it’s so much easier to stumble into communities where you can feel at home and get to know people who have the same heart and soul as you are.

7. Food

If you can’t make your heart full, your stomach is ready to be filled with love. I know plenty of people who become way too concerned about their appearances that they almost always deprive themselves of good foods. But don’t be like them. Life is too short to worry about your size and shape, you hear me? As long as you don’t overeat, you should never hold back from giving your taste buds what they deserve. Food is happiness. So do everything that makes your body and belly happy.

8. New experiences

It’s uncomfortable to be thrown in situations or places that you are not familiar with. But that’s how you become a better person. That’s how you can transform your life into a better one. You learn best when you are exposed to new experiences. When you’re old and all your hairs turn gray, you will never remember the times when you did the same thing over and over again. What you will remember, however, are the moments when you got so scared you almost peed in your pants. A lot of people will find you admirable if you keep trying to do different things they never expect you to do from time to time.

9. Treasured possession

I believe that things have the power to lift up your soul the same way people do. This isn’t me encouraging you to be materialistic. I’m just saying that, sometimes, buying what you like can give you a rewarding feeling as good as a relationship. Your treasured possessions can give you the comfort that you need. And whenever you feel like a complete mess, you can just look at them and be reminded that your hard work has resulted in something nice.

10. Yourself

The love that you need to be cultivating right now is the love that you have for yourself. I know there’s a lot of skepticism about putting yourself first above anything else, but if you dig deep down to the bottom of it all, all you really have in the end is yourself. How can you share affection with someone else when the relationship that you have within you isn’t healthy? Start accepting and caring and loving who you are before putting yourself out there. You have plenty of time to search for a romantic relationship. What you need to focus on in this moment is how to become the best version of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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