Ranking The Zodiac Signs Based On Who You Should Lean On At 2 AM

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1. Gemini

When your life goes into a downward spiral and your thoughts keep you awake at 2 a.m., a Gemini is the best person to call. Not only is it guaranteed that they’ll answer after few rings, but they’ll also lend their ears to listen to everything that’s inside your heart. Since good communication is one of their greatest traits, you can count on them to give you a clear, gentle, and unbiased advice. They’ll guide you in solving your problems. Heck, they’ll even quote song lyrics or passages from the book that they’re reading just to encourage you and sprinkle positivity in your life. Geminis are best friend material. They will truly be there for you when you ask for their presence.

2. Leo

What makes Leo reliable is that they’re warm-hearted, cheerful, and very funny. They hate seeing you in miserable condition. They will do their best to crack a smile on your lips. If someone hurts you or mistreated you, they’re most likely going to make fun of those people and give you reasons why they’re not worthy of your attention. Leo has a creative and clever way of turning bad situations into incredible, adventurous ones. They’d rather drag you out of your room at 2 a.m. and experience unforgettable moments than wallow and cry with you on your bed.

3. Pisces

Pisces is the wisest one among all zodiac signs. They can immediately sense when you’re going through rough times, and they’re only waiting for the right moment for you to open up to them so they can share their sympathies with you. Everyone can easily feel deep emotional connections with Pisces because they’re naturally friendly. It seems like you’re always at home whenever you’re with them. They get so many respects from people because of their willingness to help those in need without any expectations. The existence of Pisces is a proof that there is still good left in humanity and in this world.

4. Taurus

Even if you’re complaining about the same thing over and over again, Taurus will still be there for you to understand your feelings and be patient with you. They will hold your hands when you feel alone. In your darkest hour, they will be the light to show you the right way. They will put their fingers on your shoulders and push you to keep going. And if at one point you find yourself conflicted between two options, they will guide you to choose the safest, most practical one. But whatever decision you come up with in the end, they will still support you no matter what.

5. Virgo

Loyalty is the thing that makes Virgo stand out from all of your friends. You can lean on them when almost everyone betrayed you. If you’re important to them, they will go into the war with you and fight your enemies too. They will never turn their backs on you and leave you when they know, in their big hearts, that you’re not okay. Their deep comprehension of human emotions gives them the ability to be analytical about their suggestions and opinions. They may sound overly critical sometimes, but if you really spend some time thinking about what they’re saying, you’ll find that what they’re trying to tell you is true.

6. Cancer

Once you feel suicidal at 2 a.m, Cancer will save you from thinking about death. You can never underestimate their capability of persuading people. They make good lawyers, which means they’ll do everything to let you be on the right track. You can say the nastiest thing about yourself, yet they’ll be able to pinpoint something great about you. They have a skill of providing hope to people. And that’s a rare thing not everyone can do. That’s a trait which makes Cancer very impressive.

7. Libra

Libra is all about fairness. As their friend, it is their responsibility to enlighten you with the truth. They will not shy away to call you out when you did something wrong. Once in a while, it’s healthy to surround yourself with people who are going to be honest with you. Libra helps you be grounded. They show you both sides of reality. Asking questions is their way of allowing you to come up with objective conclusions. It can be a bit disheartening when they disagree with you, but all they want is for you to not be lost in your emotions so that you can make the best, most sound judgement.

8. Aries

Being with an Aries is like staying under the sun all day long. Everything is just so bright and colorful and beautiful. Negativity doesn’t exist in the book of Aries. They will not stop feeding you enthusiastic words until you get better. Nothing is impossible to them. Their courage will inspire you to pick yourself back up and try again. They will gladly take the leadership role in guiding you recover from your pain as soon as possible. Time is very important to them. And they will not waste a single of it just watching you soak in your misery.

9. Sagittarius

The best form of love for Sagittarius is giving gifts. They may not know the right words to say, but they will never fail to surprise you with the most amazing gift when you’re sad. They never run out of ideas to make you feel well. But the problem with them sometimes is that they give promises that they can’t deliver. And if you are someone who has a trust issue, it might be hard for you to completely believe them. You’ll doubt every single word that they’ll utter. You’ll look at them wondering whether they really get your sentiments in life.

10. Capricorn

Perhaps the last thing that you need when you’re having a breakdown at 2 a.m. is someone who is just as paranoid as you are. Capricorns are trained to expect the worst in every situation. Their grips on reality are so strong that they almost always believe that all scenarios in life have advantages and disadvantages. They will speak to you as if they know everything in this world. And since they have managerial traits ingrained in their systems, they’re good at offering detailed plans on how to deal with whatever troubles that you have in mind. The problem, however, is that agreeing with everything that they’re saying can be hard.

11. Aquarius

Having an emotional conversation isn’t necessarily a comfortable thing for Aquarius. You will not see them curled up in a corner somewhere talking about feelings. It’s true that they’re very eccentric and energetic, but by the end of the night, they just want to be left alone so they can recharge their energies. Relying on them at 2 a.m. is quite impossible. They also have some issues in life that they’re worrying about and hearing your problems will only add up to their already heavy baggage. If you want to have fun, be with Aquarius, but not when you’re dealing with serious drama in this world.

12. Scorpio

The thing about Scorpio is that they have the tendency to be stubborn acquaintances. You might only feel like talking to a wall as soon as you let your emotions flow out of you. One of their weaknesses is that, sometimes, they can be condescending. Because of their strong personalities, they’re not afraid to say what’s on their minds – and this can potentially hurt your feelings. Maybe someone who has a sign of Scorpio isn’t the ideal person to bother in the middle of the night, unless, of course, you’re looking for some tough love. TC mark

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