This Is How You Give Up Controlling Your Life And Choose To Actually Live Instead

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No matter how much elaborate your plans are, how careful you execute your actions, there’s always something unexpected that will still happen. Often, it will throw you off and annoy you because in your mind, you know you’ve given your all. But that’s the funny thing about life – you can do things so smoothly and almost perfectly, and yet, you’ll never get the outcome that you expect.

I know it’s scary to face the day and not know exactly what’s going to happen to you. There’s a risk that people are going to hurt you and make your circumstances horrible. You can’t anticipate when an accident is going to come in your way. You have no way of knowing whether you’ll come home with a smile or with a broken heart.

Once you set your foot out there, control slips away from your fingertips.

But maybe ignorance of the future is a beautiful thing. Not having a perfect picture of how your life will be like makes you grounded and humble. It allows you to work extra harder but not look at yourself as if you’re better than everyone else just because you’ve made more efforts and cultivated more skills. It’s a reminder to you that you can’t judge people based on what they have and who they are right now.

The world slowly changes every day. Nothing is permanently set on stones. You can’t expect those who made promises to you that they will never ever let you down. Life will constantly disappoint you and won’t give you everything that you wished for. It’s going to suck not to receive what you think you deserve after giving your one hundred percent best, but knowing you’re not the only one who experiences this makes the pain of frustration kind of bearable.

We are all here living the life that we believe is right for us. We are all here searching for our purpose, defining what is true and authentic to us.

We are all here hoping that somebody will love us back. And in the midst of uncertainties, we are all here surviving each day.

Maybe the goal isn’t to lead a path that everyone wishes to have, but rather a journey that you’re able to navigate through just fine, despite your fear of the unknown. This life isn’t designed to be simple, fun, and easy. It’s one that’s filled with twists and turns that, most of the time, make your bones tremble. But isn’t also true that the mysterious element of not knowing is what excites you to keep going? Isn’t it fulfilling to see how your story progresses?

There’s nothing to be worried about not being able to predict everything in life. Trying to have control will exhaust you. It’s only going to repeatedly prove to you that you can’t beat it. Your power over your fate is not unlimited, but it doesn’t mean it should hold you back from creating a better life. It’s okay to push yourself to the limit and still not know if what you’ve done is enough. The mere fact that you dragged yourself out of your bed and choose to keep moving is enough.

You have to forgive yourself for not reaching the standards that you set for yourself. You have to learn how to stay calm when the world imposes limitations on your goals. You have to be okay with not being everything. If you really think about it, you are not in competition with anyone else.

Everyone is working at their own pace – and you should too.

The glory of being recognized for what you’re good at will wear off after a certain time. Fighting for people’s attention will not ultimately complete you. Controlling how everyone treats you is impossible. There’s more to life than making sure you’re winning all the time. What’s going to matter the most is how you run a life that is honest with you.

Tomorrow is yet to happen. You can prepare for it all you want, but you can’t fully anticipate how it’s going to turn out.

All you need to do is to live today, in this very second, and hope with all your heart that whatever’s ahead of you is something that will help you prosper and evolve as a human being.

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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