Everything About Us Is Wrong, But That’s What’s So Right

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Almos Bechtold

We have the kind of relationship that very few people understand. We have the kind of love story that the world thought would never last, would never prosper, would never blossom into something great. The odds were against us from the very beginning. And timing doesn’t always like to be on our side.

But we’re fighting every single day to show to everyone that our love for each other is stronger than any force on this earth. We’re trying not to get swayed by what other people have to say about us, by what our past did to us. We’re giving our all to face each obstacle that comes our way. And we’re not giving up.

No matter how many times we’ve been told that we’re wrong for each other, we still continue to share pieces of ourselves with one another. We keep believing that we’re destined to grow old together, to experience wonderful moments together, to hold each other’s hands until all of our hairs turn white. We know that, in the end, we will not be torn apart by anyone’s disapproval of us.

At this point, we have probably heard every kind of criticism — both good and bad — in this world. But we still carry on. We still smile and hug and lean on each other’s shoulders. We still watch the stars twinkle at night and feel how incredible it is to live our lives side by side.

We might not have the most ideal kind of relationship, but our affection for one another is enough.

And every time you look me in the eyes and see me for who I am, you make me believe that your love for me is real. You give me the confidence that what we have is right, and that as long as we have each other — nothing can ever go wrong.

You teach me how to embrace my uniqueness and be proud of the way I fall in love. You inspire me to be courageous and stand for what I like, for what I’m passionate about, for the person that I want to share my future with.

You give me hope that even though I have no idea what tomorrow is going to look like — with you, I know that it will always be beautiful.

Beside you, there is no reason for me to worry and be afraid about being right or being wrong. Beside you, what’s important is that I feel loved and protected. Beside you, I am assured that I will always be taken care of.

I don’t mind if the world thinks that everything about us is wrong, because loving you is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Choosing you over anyone or anything is something I promise not to regret. And if, one day, we will be separated by something that we can’t control — I will spend the rest of my life waiting for you.

I will not let my heart forget you. I will not allow my mind to stop thinking about you. Because to me, you are one of the few reasons why life is worth living. You are, in a lot of ways, the source of my happiness when my world gets dark.

Our special connection to each other is a reminder to everyone that in love, there’s no specific rules that we all need to follow. In love, what matters the most is how we make our partners the best person that they can be.

And regardless of what other people say — the only thing that we should all pay attention to, when it comes to love, is the wild beating of our hearts. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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