10 Romantic Ways To Show Your Significant Other How Much They Mean To You

Don't hold back your emotions. Write them a love letter that will allow them to understand your thoughts more.
Alvin Mahmudov

1. Prepare them a breakfast.

You can create a long-lasting impact on their hearts by making them smile as soon as they open their eyes in the morning. Surprising them with a breakfast meal in bed is a nice way for you to show them how much you care. When they see the effort that you’re putting in your relationship with them, chances are, they will do their best to give back the same — or more — kind of effort. Making their stomachs happy early in the morning can start their day right.

2. Send them an inspirational quote.

No matter how tough their exteriors appear to be, they also have moments when they get torn and confused. Sometimes, they need motivations from other people too. Your text message with an inspiring quote might help them relax and come up with better decisions. Your name in their inboxes can be a reminder for them that there’s someone whom they can lean on when things get challenging in their lives. Your presence alone can give them hope to keep going and keep fighting.

3. Leave them a note to run errands.

It’s true that they’re all grown up and don’t need another human being to urge them to get their household chores done, but if you want to ensure that their living quarters are clean and safe before you set your foot in them — you have to tell them to make their homes a healthy space. Leave them a friendly note on their tables so they won’t forget to empty their trash bins or to organize their things.

4. Give them a massage.

A simple touch is also a nice way to let your significant other feel your love. When they had a long day, massaging their temples can release all the tensions and stress that are residing inside their heads. You can take away their emotional and physical pains by helping them breathe and let go of the negative experiences that they had for the day. Your soothing gesture can absolutely make a good difference in their moods.

5. Make them a cool playlist.

So that when they’re stuck in a frustrating traffic, they have calming songs to listen into. Rest assured, they’re going to be surprised to find out that you put all their favorite tracks together in one playlist. Their hearts are going to melt as soon as they hear a melody that reminds them of some memories from the past. And they’re going to be so thankful for your thoughtfulness.

6. Write them a love letter.

Pour all your feelings into a paper and scribe all the words that you can’t say out loud in front of them. Don’t hold back your emotions. Write them a love letter that will allow them to understand your thoughts more. Share to them the emotions that you felt when you first saw them. List all the reasons why you’re so in love with them. And then ask them to read it in front of you (if you want to see their reactions).

7. Surprise them with a gift.

Surprise them with something that they can use in their daily lives, something that will bring smile to their lips, something that will make them remember you all the time. They might not be materialistic, but for sure they will treasure the gift that you will give to them. They will take good care of it and might try to carry it everywhere they go. Regardless of how big or small your gift is, it will definitely bring warm to their hearts.

8. Support them on their ambitions.

Sometimes, some people don’t like to express their deep thoughts in fear of being perceived as too soft. But when your significant other suddenly shares to you the dreams that they’re carrying in their souls, you should definitely give them the kind of support that will encourage them to chase their passions in life. In their moments of doubts, push them to try harder and to never give up. Inspire them to become the best versions of themselves.

9. Compliment them.

They love it when you notice something good in them. Their hearts flutter when you acknowledge a chivalrous act that they did to impress you. A simple compliment can absolutely make their day. A quick hug can quickly give warm to their bodies. And an appreciation of their presence in your life can make them believe that you’re the one they’ve been waiting for so long.

10. Listen to them vent.

When they call you out of nowhere just to rant about how they’re having a horrible day, it doesn’t mean that they want to pass the burden to you. It only means that they trust you and want you to understand them. They want you to be the home they run into when they’re scared and confused. They want to hear your soothing voice when they can’t think straight. And with you beside them, they want to be assured that they’re going to be just fine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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