10 Everyday Things Only Single People Who Love Their Careers Will Understand

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The Proposal

1. Starting the day early.

Their bodies are used to waking up even before the sun comes out. It doesn’t matter if they slept late the night before, because they will still start their day early. They will still face their responsibilities even with few hours of rest. Going to the job that they love every day gives them a sense of purpose. And seeing another morning gives them hope to try and continue to live their best lives.

2. Pressuring themselves to do better.

They love to see themselves grow and improve and develop. They want to taste that sweet victory after going through some painful struggles and hardships. They’re confident that they can create a mark in this world and that’s why they work hard every single day to strive for excellence and to use their skills to make a difference. People can’t expect career-oriented individuals to be satisfied at where they are. They have bigger ambitions and goals that they want to attain during their lifetime.

3. Going out on a Friday night rarely happens.

By the time Friday night arrives, they no longer have the energy to go out and have fun. They have dedicated so much of their efforts on their daily tasks and all they want to do is to just crash on their beds on a Friday evening. They need to keep themselves away from everyone to recharge their souls. Watching movies, reading books, having dinner at home, and sleeping early are the ideal activities for someone who spent their entire weekdays working to build their careers.

4. Spending less time in finding a relationship.

They will tell you that having a romantic relationship isn’t important to them right now. They can find a significant other any time that they want but they know that wonderful opportunities don’t come often. They don’t want anyone to disrupt their momentums in making their dreams come true. Their jobs matter to them and they’re willing to sacrifice more of their time so that they can do well on the things that they’re passionate about. If being single means not having to worry about anything other than attaining their goals, then they’re wholeheartedly determined to embrace their single status.

5. Having no interest in flirting.

They honestly don’t have the time and energy to be involved in a relationship that is clearly not going anywhere. They’d rather be on their own than be with someone who can’t make up his or her mind about them. Playing games in love is exhausting for them and they have no interest in associating themselves with someone who will only break their hearts in the end.

6. Being completely unaware of someone’s romantic gestures.

They can’t tell if someone likes them unless they explicitly say it to them. They’re not the kind of people who like to read between the lines, who watch out for somebody else’s subtle actions, and who spend the whole day wondering whether someone has special feelings towards them. To them, life is so much easier and less complicated if people aren’t afraid to express their emotions, if people are open and honest about the words that are living inside their heads.

7. Avoiding the topic of marriage.

They quietly slip out of a conversation when the topic of marriage is being brought up. It makes them feel uncomfortable every time people ask them about when they’re planning to settle down with someone. They’re happy for their friends who have found their lifetime partners, but the idea of getting married isn’t part of their priorities in the near future. They are enjoying their freedom of being single and they want to hold on to that feeling as much as they can. They’re not in a hurry to tie the knot with another human being. In fact, they’re not even worried about when they’ll find the one who’s right for them.

8. Possessing high standards when it comes to love.

One thing that people should always remember about career oriented single people is that they will never ever settle for an okay kind of relationship. They would rather wait than compromise their standards. They know what they want, they know how to be treated, and they know the level of care that they deserve to be receiving. If they find themselves in a relationship that only gives them so much stress, they will not pause for a second and think twice about leaving. They have other things to do than worry about feeling miserable with someone else.

9. Falling in love with a routine.

Having a slight control over their lives in this very unpredictable world makes them happy. They like knowing exactly what they’re going to do and expect for the whole day. Routine gives them comfort. It protects them from uncertainties. And it allows them to make plans so easily. Some people get bored with a structured lifestyle but career-oriented individuals feel more relaxed doing almost the same activities time after time.

10. Intimidating people quickly.

They might look like the kind of people who are always up for debates but the truth is that they also want to have light conversations about life and love sometimes. They’re also human beings who have soft hearts and emotions deep inside of them. Not every word that comes out of their lips is well-thought of. Not every move they make is calculated. They’re flawed individuals, too, who have fears that they don’t tell to anyone. No matter how intelligent they appear to be on the outside, there is still a part of them that everyone can relate into in some ways. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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