This Is Your Reminder That Everything Will Get Better

Dear God, Thank You For This Happiness

Sometimes I’m scared to bet all my feelings on a fleeting moment that I’m not so sure will last forever. Sometimes I’m worried that I can be happy now, and miserable later on. I understand the ups and downs in this world, and that’s why I’ve grown comfortable in settling down for just “okay.” But I’ve come to know that I have a bigger God who can give me something more than just okay. I have a loving God who wants all the best for me in this world. And I have a God who wants me to feel the joy that I deserve.

I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to be vulnerable, and not worry so much about being in danger, because I know that God is always there to protect me. I know that beside Him, I am safe, loved, and taken care of.

In His presence, I am never alone and I am assured that Someone understands me. Someone hears the worries and fears that I have in my brain. Someone is beside me to shine light on my way when I feel so lost. Someone is quick to heal me when I’m so broken.

With God, I can cling to happiness and not be scared that it’s going to be taken away from me. I don’t have to look at happiness as something temporary, something that comes rarely, something that I’m afraid to embrace. God puts happiness in my life as a reminder that all my prayers are being recognized. All my hard-work and patience are being rewarded. And my faith in Him is being appreciated.

I owe God every joy that I have in my heart. And I promise to value it. I promise to never forget Him during the moments when I’m on top of the world – celebrating and winning. I promise to offer to Him all my future glories because without Him, everything is impossible.

Without Him, I will never feel whole. I will never know what love is. I will never know my purpose. And I will always feel empty.

I owe God my entire life and I want to keep Him close to my heart every second of the day. I want His forgiveness to wash away all of my sins. I want His words to calm me down when I’m confused. And I want His kingdom to be my home when my story comes to an end.

I will do everything to follow the path that He paves for me. I will do everything to prove to Him my love. And I will do everything to let Him know how much I’m grateful for this life that He has given to me.

Because of Him, I’m learning that happiness never goes away. Happiness stays in my heart and I should cling to it in moments of darkness. I should remember that God never fails to give me reasons to be happy every day.

And with Him, the empty holes in my heart are always filled by His love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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