I Want Your Love To Stop Me From Running Away

Anthony Mapp

When I can’t fix things,
I leave them broken,
unresolved, abandoned.
I’m always in a rush –
ready to try new things
excited to see new places
desperate to leave
and keep moving.

I find comfort in knowing
I can always walk away.
I’m convinced I’m brave
to turn around
to run away
to never look back
to start all over again.

But running exhausts me,
and my heart can’t keep up
with the speed anymore.
Maybe what I need now
is a sense of comfort.
And I want to experience
that feeling of being home
with you.

I want something permanent,
something I will not run away from
and will never get tired of.
I want you to stand in front of me,
put your strong hands
on my shoulders and stop me
when I’m about sprint again.

I need your love to be enough
for me to stay and wash me
with a cold truth that leaving
will not get me anywhere
in this world, in this life.

Calm my demons
and silence them
with your words.
Soothe the ache in my soul
with your touch
and promise me that
I will never be in pain

Love every part of me
that needs healing.
Remind me I’m destined
for greatness and with you,
I can fight the bloodiest battle
sail through the biggest storm
live to see another day.

I’m weary of searching
for greener pasture.
I want your eyes to convince me
and give me all the reasons
to stay. TC mark

Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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