To My Fellow Millennials: You Will Be Okay

Unsplash, Mike Erskine
Unsplash, Mike Erskine

I get it. It’s awful to wake up every day not knowing exactly what you want to do for the next five years, who you really want to be, or how you even get to that successful place to begin with. It’s awful when nothing makes sense, no matter how hard you try your best to make life work. It’s awful that some days you’re lost and confused about which road to take, frustrated at how far off in the distance your dreams are, and even upset that sometimes it takes you forever to make things right.

But trust that soon you will find the way to the road you’re meant to adventure on, soon your life will eventually brighten up, and soon everything will fall according to your plan.

For the meantime, keep holding on and have patience. Because even though sometimes you don’t see the point in waiting for your life to get better, and even though you’re so tired of wishing for something great to occur in your life, one day you will be okay.

One day you will have that smile back, and your heart will be content with where you are and what you have. One day your life will be filled with so many meaningful tasks to accomplish that you no longer have time to dwell on your destructive feelings.

One day you will be mature enough to understand and trust the idea of right timing.

One day you will find a job that you love—a job that will not feel like a task, but rather more of a passion, a job that will open more doors for you. And maybe it will give you opportunities to travel to different cities around the world, meet incredible new people, and learn more about yourself.

One day you will have the power to achieve whatever dreams are living in the corners of your mind, make them your reality, and never dare to let them go.

One day you will be hungry for success and you will always make sure that you work hard day and night, regardless of how many scars you get along the way and regardless of how many times you fall on the ground.

One day you will gain the confidence that allows you to believe that you can do everything your heart desires and that you can succeed in all that you put your mind into.

One day you will finally believe in yourself.

It will be a long and sometimes painful journey, but you have to be brave and brace yourself against any monsters that will scare you as you move forward.

One day you will know that heartbreak is temporary. You will carry on after the tragedies of losing love ones who passed away, people who ran away from you at an early age, and friends you grew apart with.

One day you will forget all your relationship mishaps. And even though there will be moments in the future when you are reminded of all your wrong decisions and every mistake you made in searching for the right one, they will not matter to you anymore. Because by then, your life will be so beautiful and so different. And your past will become tiny and irrelevant.

One day you will realize that chasing people who are not meant to stay in your life will only eat the time that you should rather be spending in making your future shine brighter.

So quit worrying too much and just relax.
Quit crying your way through the day and try to toughen up a little bit.
Quit seeking security in someone else and go save yourself.
Quit being scared to take risks and make bold choices.
Quit looking back and instead focus your attention on what’s to come.

Because one day you will be okay. One day you will make it through and you will overcome your struggles. You will give not give up and you will live to see your future. Your brokenness will be washed away and you will heal. Your dreams will come true and you will be surprised at how far you have journeyed. You are very young and you have thousands of days in front of you to experience — you will be alright. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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