This Is How I Want You To Live Every Day

Tao Heftiba
Tao Heftiba

When you open your eyes in the morning, I want you to take a deep breath and be grateful that you are given another day to love, to live, to grow, to change.

When you open your window and see how the sky turns from dark blue to orange, I want you to look at the rising sun as your lips start to smile tightly, and think, “Today is another opportunity to touch someone’s life. Today I can prove to myself that I’m better than yesterday. Today I can start fresh and brand new.”

I want you to walk on your cold floor, and appreciate that you still get the chance to feel it one more time. I want you to devour your breakfast like a king or queen, and stuff your stomach with so much energy so you can set yourself right to face another day. I want you to hum in the shower while you wash away all the dirt and dust that accumulated on your skin yesterday with a hot water.

When you twist the knob of your door and step outside of your home, I want you to stop for one moment and smell the fresh, crisp of morning air. I want you to feel the connection between you and the world, as if it is pulsing and coursing through your veins. I want you to smile at every stranger you see, and return their good morning greetings.

I want you to make someone’s heart warm as they begin their day, too.

I want you to spend the rest of the day not even bothering to keep track of the time. I want you to be immersed and focused at what you do to the point that it almost seems like you’re out of your body. I want you to look at what you have finished, and be proud of what you have created. I want you to have that teary-eyed feeling when you know that you have done something great. I want you to do things that you care about and love with passion.

Because those tiny moments of fulfillment in your daily life are what keep you going, surviving, and fighting. Those tiny mundane activities contribute to a major portion of who you become. Those tiny things that you overlook and take for granted are the memories that you are going to miss one day.

So in the middle of waking up and going back to bed, I want you to live your life as if you will never be given a second chance.

I want you to spread love, happiness, and positivity to everyone. I want you to tell the people who mean very much to you that you’re glad they are part of your life. I want you to make decisions and be able to say yes or no without giving out so many explanations.

I want you to spend your time wisely, as if it’s always running out. I want you to view time as a scarce item, that way you can avoid chasing the wrong people, or staying with the ones who limit your potentials. I want you to keep your attention to where you are, and try not to keep looking over your shoulders or looking too far ahead of you.

I want you to close your eyes and feel the warmth of the late afternoon sun in your face as you make your way back home. I want you to rustle the strands of your hair back to order after a gust of wind blows them. I want you to chuckle for a few seconds when a realization hits you about how wonderful this world is.

I want you to treat yourself with a delicious dinner just because you deserve it. I want you to give yourself a relaxing time to ponder about a thought, to contemplate your life, to read a book, or to nestle on the couch with a hot cup of tea in your hands.

I want you to be at peace with yourself as you end the day.

I want you to tuck yourself under the blanket that smells exactly like you. I want you to look at the stars outside and realize how small you are in the grand scheme of things.

And I want you to close your heavy eyes praying, hoping, and wishing that if you will be given another chance to live tomorrow – you will be more than willing to do it over and over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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