Love Someone With A Deep Soul

Love someone with a deep soul, a person who has sympathy for others going through rough times in their lives. The kind of person who always asks if you’re okay, if you need help with something, if you want someone to listen to you. Because someone with a deep soul understands your situation, whether it is a good or a bad one, and cares about how you are doing in life, and wants to make sure you’re always okay.

Love someone with a deep soul. A person who feels troubled about the cruel things that are happening in the world. Someone who feels the pain of the innocent children who have no decent shelter to stay dry when it’s raining, people who sleep at night with empty stomachs, strangers who are barely getting through the day. Someone who listens to both parties in conflict, and urges them to make peace with each other at the end of the day. Someone who’s quick to share kindness and positivity to anyone that approaches them.

Love someone with a deep soul. The one who looks you in the eyes when you’re scared and lets you know that you can count on them. The one who holds your hands and guides you when you’re suddenly lost and confused about which way to go in life.

The one who never leaves you once you start showing them your flaws. The one who doesn’t make you feel hard to love.

Someone with a deep soul will stick with you no matter what, will fight side by side with you regardless of how difficult the battle turns, and will never give up on you despite the times that you feel defeated. Because they know that they have a mission to help you with all that they can, to love you with all their heart, and share with you all that they have.

Love someone with a deep soul. Someone who writes you handwritten letters every time they want to let you know that you are loved and appreciated, someone who proves their words through their actions, someone who still applies conservative traditions in their relationships because they believe that those conventional practices will make their bond with you last longer.

Love a deep soul, someone who is willing to put your happiness first.
Someone who pays attention to every single word you say in a conversation.
Someone who doesn’t run away when things fall apart.
Someone who appreciates the little things you do for them.

Love a deep person who sees beauty in the constellations of stars.
Love a deep person, whose heart warms after reading lovely poetry.
Love a deep person who keeps searching for the meaning of life.
Love a deep person who finds light and beginnings in sunsets.

Love someone with a deep soul. The person who sings love songs in front of you and serenades you with every lyric. The one who dates you as if both of you live in the 60s, and always does chivalrous deeds.

Love someone with a deep soul because they are the best people to spend the rest of your life with. Love someone with a deep soul because in this world full of shallow people, it’s so hard to find one person who cares about everything that truly matters. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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