Your Heart Will Heal

Avi Richards
Avi Richards

Maybe right now you’re hurting. Maybe last night your mind barely allowed you to sleep. Maybe tomorrow you’re still not sure if you will make it through.

But that pain you’re feeling on the inside? It will heal. You will heal.

Maybe not right now, or not tomorrow, but soon your heart will be okay again.

Your heart will heal from loving too much. It will recover from the person that once made it pump faster than its normal beat. It will forget the excruciating pain of being abandoned, of being lonely, of being upset. Your heart will heal in time because someone’s going to make it jump with excitement, someone’s going to be the reason why it comes back to life, and someone’s going to fix it so that it can hope again.

Your heart will heal from disappointments. It will move on from the mistakes made and errors committed because it’s smart enough to admit that being wrong is part of its growth. Your heart will heal from your past. Your heart will not stop beating for any kind of flashbacks it remembers. And if there’s one thing you can learn from your heart — it’s always moving forward. Your heart will always heal because it wants to inspire you to follow its flexibility, to never be discouraged, and to keep pushing through no matter how challenging life gets.

Your heart will shine again after it finds its way out of the darkness because your heart is ultimately created to make you feel brand new, to make you feel upbeat, to make you feel alive. Your heart will heal because it’s a part of you that only wants the best all the time, a part of you which feels sympathy over your tears, and a part of you that understands every fear that you have.

You have a strong heart that continually heals, a brave heart that never stops beating despite the holes that weaken it. You have an incredible heart that finds a way to open up again no matter how many times it has been shattered before, a soft heart that still cares.

Your heart will heal because it deserves to become normal again, or to become better, even. Your heart will heal because it wants to teach you forgiveness. Your heart wishes you to let go, to forgive yourself and forgive others, and to be more accepting. Your heart knows it’s not going to last forever so it wishes that you would stop harboring resentments, stop making it heavy with regrets, and stop filling it with pains from bad memories.

Your heart tried to heal yesterday, yet you didn’t want it to.
Your heart tries to heal today, yet you still want to cling to that pain.
Your heart will heal tomorrow, yet you’re not positive if you will allow it to.

But it will keep trying to heal day by day, whether you like it or not.

You should be proud of your heart that’s determined to become better, to become more matured, and to become sturdier. Because your heart will always heal. And you know what? You will too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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