This Is How You Leave 2016

Ashim De'Silva
Ashim De’Silva

You are going to say goodbye to the places that changed your life in a matter of one year. To the city you used to live with all its state-of-the-art transportation systems and shiny tall buildings that made you feel brand-new every time you walk past them. To the historical sites you visited that allowed you to understand the world you’re currently living in. To the oceans you spent your late afternoons watching beautiful sunsets while contemplating your life. You are going to say goodbye to the thousands of miles you crossed and flew over for the sake of adventure.

You are going to move pass through the dreams you were dying to attain, but took for granted, then complained non-stop once you achieved them. You are going to settle all the regrets that nag you at the back of your head for the times you made decisions solely based on your emotions. You are going to finally let go of the job you thought you wanted but got tired eventually and gave up. You are going to stop pounding on the doors that have closed.

You are going to stop thinking about the relationships that didn’t work out, the connections you tried so hard to build but ended up being neglected, the ones who let you hang by a thread, and the people who flat-out ignored you.

Leave to God all the bad days that made up your 2016. Let Him heal you for all the times you felt worthless, disappointed, weak, lonely, and lost. Allow Him to cleanse your burnt spirit through your unfading faith.

You are not the only one who experienced defeat for this year. So leave 2016 behind you once and for all.

But don’t forget the people who made you laugh and brought colors to your life, the special someone who made your heart skip a beat and spread blush across your cheeks, the mentors who woke you up with harsh lessons and paved career guidance on your way, and the closest people in your life who cheered and rooted in everything that you do.

Always remember the ones who believed in your passion, accepted your craft, and helped you share your masterpiece to the world.

It has been an incredible year full of fun, yet wild rides and one-eyed leaps of faith. A year of surprising self-discoveries and reality plot-twists. A year of head-shakings for being on the wrong side of the vote.

Go count the remaining days of this year by your fingers. Bid your farewell to the bittersweet memories of 2016 and say hello to the new beginnings and endless opportunities of 2017. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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