Pray For The Children Of Aleppo


Wherever you are right now,
Whatever religion or race you belong to,
Whether you pick a side or choose to remain silent,
Pray for the wounded civilians
and for the children who lost their lives.

No one’s a huge fan of debating who’s right and who’s wrong. But if you’re a human being with conscience, you know on the deepest of your core that what’s happening at Aleppo this week is absolutely disheartening.

Some children are dying for a conflict they’re not involved, for something they don’t even know, for a cause they are not aware of or won’t understand.

These are the the innocent children who were robbed of the opportunities to live, to grow, to dream, and to hope. These are the children who won’t experience the incredible feeling of sweet success after so many failures and attempts. These are the children who won’t get to know how to fall out of love for the person they thought they’re going to end up with but fall in love to the person they never expect they’d be attracted to.

These are the children who will never fulfill the occupations they aspire to become one day. These are the children who are sadly will never be given second chances.

But there are also some children who are blessed enough to survive the wounds they got from the war, the tragedy of losing their loved ones along the way, the trauma they will carry on with them.

These are the brave children who were deprived of the possibilities to enjoy their youth peacefully and to discover themselves freely. These are the children who will grow up without their elder siblings by their side to guide them when they’re confused and to encourage them when they’re scared. These are the children who will hate the world for not listening when they screamed “Don’t leave me” to their parents’ cold bodies. These are the children who will forever remember the sound of the bombs, the dead people on the streets, and their destroyed homes. They are the children who will be given second chances but will carry a heavy burden inside their hearts and scars that will never heal.

So when you over-eat tonight, please remember the children who endure starvation. When you waste clean water tonight, please remember the children who try their best to forget they’re thirsty. When you complain about not having the best car, know that some children have to walk miles and miles just to reach safety. When you take your life for granted, know that some children on the other side of the world are already happy for having to see another day.

Pray for the children of Aleppo.
Pray for their peace and safety.
Pray for their strength and bravery.
Pray that the world will finally help them.
Pray that they grow up to strive to become an inspiration to all of us.
And lastly, Pray that God will spare them from further suffering. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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