I Will Fall In Love Again, And This Time It Won’t Be With You

Gulliaume Bolduc
Gulliaume Bolduc

I wanted to write you love songs,
thousands of unexpressed words I failed to deliver in your presence.
All these feelings I wished to mold into a glorious craft,
but you didn’t deserve them,
no you didn’t.

When you said my voice was the melody you wanted to hear first in the morning, you lied.

When you said my eyes were the stars you wanted to see at night, you lied.

You fizzled my glimmer of hope for fairytales and happy endings.
You burned down the bridge i was building all along for both us.
You destroyed me in ways i couldn’t repair myself.

And no amount of apologies can scour the agony you brought in my life.

So shout out to all the acts that aided you to fool me,
I learned to trust my gut.
So shout out to all the time i felt lonely by your side,
i learned to love myself.

One day I will pull off the metal I protected my heart with,
For the person who’ll handle it with caution.
For the person who’ll fix the disarray in my soul.
For the girl who’ll hold my hands when I’m scared.
For the one who’ll laugh with me on romantic movie endings and cry with me on the tragic ones.

For the person who’ll share earphones with me on train rides.
For the person who’ll stay with me until 2 am through sleepy, slurred conversations about life.
For the person I’ll write songs about.
For the person who’ll not be you.

I might be the one with the broken heart,
but one day
I will be someone who will grow a brave soul and a clever mind
and walk hand-in-hand with my lover, and a light heart. TC mark

Angelo Caerlang

Angelo Caerlang is the author of Sparks in Broken Lights.

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